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Edwin van der Hoeven

Welcome! I am a medium, teacher and intuitive coach.

I help people to get a grip on life's challenges. Sometimes by setting boundaries and other times to break the boundaries of their comfort zone.

I am certified as a medium by the English Spiritualists' National Union for my demonstrations, public speaking, consultations and as a medium teacher. In addition to the training courses I give you can healing or a book a 45-minute consultation.

In need of one-on-one coaching and / or guidance? I help you with:

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True religion is about trust

Confidence is expressed in a never-ending joy that everything is good as it should be. All you can do now is to be aware of life.

sensitivity and creativity go hand in hand

Sensitivity is your ticket to a creative life

Our sensitivity is a means to experience the higher frequencies and dimensions of consciousness and life. What do you tune in to? The higher our consciousness, the more we are able to shape our lives. This way you can use your sensitivity to lead a beautiful and creative life.

Photo; Debby Ledet on Unsplash

Love is the light that awaits you

Love is an expression of the power that is called God. Every moment of pain gives love more power to feel it. Love is the light that awaits you.

Photo by Anastasia Dulgier on Unsplash

What energy do you attract?

Your zodiac sign says something about the influence of energies when you came into the world. Your zodiac sign serves as the starting point! In this blog I want to explain how these stars can have an effect on you as a human.

Haas looks around

Ghost stories that lead to a faith experience

The spiritual world is intelligent and knows how and when to get attention. Not to convince you, but rather to make beliefs falter so that you are more open to the miracle of life.

We are not matter, rather emptiness

Now everything is different

Thought is the driver of dual perception, breathing, on the other hand, gives you the space to come into contact with the higher self. Meditation is learning to let go, being in the Now. The Now has no space and time, no you and me. In the Now everything is one!

meditate on the full moon

Why meditate with a full moon?

Full moon meditation gives us the opportunity to connect with the higher self. When we come to feel more and our emotions have the space to be.

arrive at the destination of your sensitivity

Arrive at the destination of your sensitivity

Sensitivity is a compass to give direction to your destination, to those moments when you can be yourself. High sensitivity is a creative force, empathy and imagination that knows no boundaries. Therefore, show it where it is appreciated and be careful that others don't roll over it with rude behavior or stupid remarks.

Photo; Emily Campbell on Unsplash

The art of meditation

Realization is not bound to faith or religion, to prayer or a meditation technique, to a God or spiritual world. Realization is within reach of the viewer. The art of meditation lies in its simplicity and that is what makes it so difficult.

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