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Edwin van der Hoeven - meditation, sensitivity, mediumship - edwin van der need - Edwin van der Hoeven

For the development of your spirituality, sensitivity and mediumship

We are not matter, rather emptiness

Now everything is different

Thought is the driver of dual perception, while breathing gives you the space to come into contact with the higher self. Meditation is learning to let go is being in the Now. The Now knows no space and time, no you and me. In the Now everything is one!

meditate on the full moon

Why meditate with a full moon?

In addition to the sun as a celestial body, the moon is essential for our life and life on earth. Without the sun

arrive at the destination of your sensitivity

Arrive at the destination of your sensitivity

Sensitivity is a compass to give direction to your destination, to those moments when you can be yourself. High sensitivity is a creative force, empathy and imagination that knows no boundaries. Therefore, show it where it is appreciated and be careful that others don't roll over it with rude behavior or stupid remarks.

Photo; Emily Campbell on Unsplash

The art of meditation

Realization is not bound to faith or religion, to prayer or a meditation technique, to a God or spiritual world. Realization is within reach of the viewer. The art of meditation lies in its simplicity and that is what makes it so difficult.

Edwin van der Hoeven - meditation, sensitivity, mediumship - edwin van der need - Edwin van der Hoeven

Do you ever think about why you live?

Many people are afraid of death and therefore often afraid of life itself. They let life go by, blind, hoping that a miracle will happen one day. That everything gets better. But how? They do not see that they themselves are the designers of their lives.

man climbs mountain

When did you last come across yourself?

Spiritual development is about the total picture and self-realization leaves no choices! You come across yourself and it is therefore not always easy or fun because you come across pieces of yourself, within yourself that may not be as fun or easy.

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Edwin van der Hoeven CSNU holds a Certificate of Recognition from the Spiritualists' National Union in the UK for his teaching, speaking, demonstrating and private reading.