"" or Emptiness

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"" or Emptiness

"" or Emptiness

Buddhism speaks of Emptiness, seeing Emptiness. It took me some time to see this principle because it is not consistent with all the image we have built up in the western world. What exactly is Leegte and when do you speak about Leegte? Void, for example, has to do with our opinion on matters, our opinion. We do judgments all the time, we always find something of something. But what we find, does another think so too?

That math teacher, what an incredible jerk that is.

My father is the sweetest dad in the whole world.

Are we talking about the same person here? Why not! Because the teacher is a loving family man, caring and patient for his children. This is Emptiness! Our judgment says nothing about the truth, about what is real. Our judgment is an expression of our own mental disturbances. We obscure the truth with our desire, our aversion, and our ignorance. That is why a Buddhist practices compassion, compassion. Accepting someone the way he really is is ultimately seeing someone without judgment. Seeing someone or something from the Void of your existence, what a wealth!

The above is an example or interpretation from Buddhism, but Christianity also has references to Emptiness. Preacher speaks about in his scriptures vanity. Vanity is a meager translation of the Hebrew word 'siphon', which means wind or air. You may say that vanity, the pursuit of air or emptiness, will bring you nothing.

In a meditation, however, you can use this principle very nicely, because in the basics you always focus on your breathing. You breathe air into what your body needs so badly, but only by releasing it again, breathing it out, are you able to breathe in a new breath of air. Also try to let go of your judgments, let go of the thinking and see the Void.



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