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Edwin van der Hoeven CSNU, a spiritualist medium

Edwin van der Hoeven
~ I help people reconnect. With itself as 'body, mind & spirit'. Either as a physical person, but also spiritually and energetically. In addition, also the connection with each other; people among themselves, nature, animals and on a spiritual level with the spiritual world. ~


How nice that you found my website! On this page I introduce myself, at least I tell a few things about myself. Do you really like to meet once, then click on this link. Before you continue reading I would like to tell you why I have this website, a practice, and help people on their spiritual journey through life. In short it comes down to that;

I help people to reconnect. With itself as 'body, mind & spirit'. Either as a physical person, but also spiritually and energetically. In addition, also the connection with each other; people among themselves, nature, animals and on a spiritual level with the spiritual world.

We are so much more than our body, more than our thoughts and emotions. I want to help you to trust yourself again and to recognize your strength with which you can shape your life. I am therefore very grateful and happy to see that people of all beliefs and beliefs know how to find my practice. Ultimately there is only one belief, one religion and that is love. 

Looking for answers in Buddhism and Krishnamurti

It has been so long ago. I became 19 that month when my father died suddenly. It turned my world upside down and I couldn't help but look for answers. Answers I found in Buddhism and with Krishnamurti, a very wise man.

I learned various meditation techniques and followed yoga for years. But despite my enthusiasm for yoga and meditation, there was a void that just seemed to be filling.

Spiritual healing and contact with my deceased father

"Coming home again", that's how it felt after my first consultation in June 2006 Joke Winters, trance healing medium. That feeling of coming home happened because Joke gave my 'experiences' a place and name. Because ever since I can remember, I have been communicating with the spiritual world and this had become an integral part of my life. But because I didn't know how to deal with it and what it was exactly, I saw it as a burden rather than a blessing.

When I came back in contact with my father in 2006 at Joke, I discovered a piece of my gift and I personally experienced the healing effect of this contact. In the years that followed I regularly had mystical experiences and it became clear to me that the physical body should only be considered as a temporary thing. 

It's for the better

"I love you" was hard to say
though I said it many times after
I was a little boy,
insecure and uncertainty
I was still growing up

"I need you" was needless to say
though I said it many times
he was still so young
how to prepare for this
we were still growing up

I knew you had to go
I know we'll all go someday
things we know but don't want to hear
I guess it's for the better

“You can go now” we all said
words so hard to say
became beautiful to say
words filled with compassion

   look at your pictures
   the ones you took
   the ones of me & you

   think of your words
   the words you spoke
   my words to you

    you can go now!
    it's for the better

The Arthur Findlay College

In April I visited 2011 for the first time the famous Arthur Findlay College in England. My goal was to develop my (trance) healing gifts, but here also my strong mediumistic gifts emerged. I had never consciously made a contact to prove that life does not end with physical death. This week I was told that, in addition to healing, I also had the potential to develop demonstrating mediumship, alongside other facets of mediumship.

Between 2011 and 2018 I followed 17 weeks of training at the Arthur Findlay College at some of the best mediums in the world. In addition, I have attended many workshops at home and abroad. I consider the following mediums in particular as inspiration and directional in my development: Simon James, Brian Robertson, Sandie Baker, Janet Parker, Matthew Smith, Glyn Edwards, Eileen Davies.

In the spiritual field I also like to add Jiddu Krishnamurti, Sri Yukteshwariji & Paramhansa Yogananda, Buddha and Jesus.


  1. The fatherhood of God
  2. The brotherhood of man
  3. Contact with the spirit world and guidance through higher intelligence
  4. The infinite life of the human soul
  5. Personal responsibility
  6. Compensation and retaliation for your good and bad behavior on earth
  7. Progress and growth for every human soul

The 7 principles (freely translated from English) that form a non-dogmatic basis for Spiritualism.

Edwin van der Hoeven CSNU, a spiritualist medium - edwin van der need - Edwin van der Hoeven

The Spiritualists' National Union

Many people are familiar with the term medium, but few people know what it really means. I myself went looking to discover what could explain my spirituality and sensitivity and came into contact with Spiritualism. The Spiritualists' National Union (SNU) in England offers frameworks within which mediumship can be trained and also used to give humanity a better understanding of life after death and its implications for our daily lives. The SNU uses 7 principles as rules of life that serve as guidelines, not dogmatic laws.

Since 2012 I have written dozens of articles about meditation for the monthly digital newsletter of the international branch of the SNU, the SNUi. I also teach in the field of meditation, consultations and communication with the spiritual world. I am a tutor for the Speaking & Demonstrating 2 correspondence course and was appointed as the Dutch representative of SNUi from 2016 to June 2019.

CSNU tdsr - 'Certificate holder' of the Spiritualists' National Union

  • Teaching; training of mediums
  • Demonstrating: platform demonstrations of mediumship
  • Speaking: inspired speaking
  • Reading: personal consultations

Over the years, the SNU has certified me for my demonstrations, inspired speaking and private consultations. A highlight is obtaining my SNU Teacher Training in March 2019 after 2 very intensive years of hard work and studying.

I never dared dream 2011 in April to ever achieve this.

  • 2019 - Certified for Teaching (t) by Spiritualist National Union.
  • 2017 to date - tutor for SD2 (correspondence course Speaking and Demonstrating 2) at SNU.
  • 2016 to 2019 - National Representative of the SNUi (international branch of the SNU).
  • 2017 - commencement Teacher Training at the Spiritualist National Union.
  • 2016 - Cverification for Demonstrating (d), Speaking (s) and Private Consultations (r) by Spiritualist National Union; CSNU.
  • 2012 to 2016 - monthly column in SNUi newsletter about meditation and 'attunement'.
  • 2012 - release of meditation CD Spirit of love (buy on


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