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Sensitivity is your ticket to a creative life

sensitivity and creativity go hand in hand
~ Our sensitivity is a means of experiencing the higher frequencies and dimensions of consciousness and life. What do you tune in to? The higher our consciousness, the more we are able to shape our lives. This way you can use your sensitivity to lead a beautiful and creative life. ~


Once during a special meditation I got a picture of how the different dimensions, frequencies and our sensitivity work as a person. Earth is seen as the first dimension and the diverse animals that live on it in a group consciousness as the second. Intelligent animals, including humans, live in the so-called third dimension. But it doesn't stop here! The higher the dimension, the higher the frequency and the more sensitive we need to be to perceive it. Our world in which we live is seen as a relatively low frequency. Think of the colors: we cannot perceive infrared and ultraviolet, but we know that they are there!

Higher dimensions; perceive a higher vibration

The next, fourth dimension, is the dimension in which we speak, among other things, about the spiritual world. The dimension of our soul - our etheric body - where our deceased loved ones also live, as it were. When we tune in to this higher frequency we are able to communicate with this world, but we can also perceive the energy of those around us. We call this clairvoyance, clear hearing and feeling. We do this by literally raising our own vibration, but we can even go beyond this 4th dimension. But what's in it for you, and how can you imagine this now?

An example of how higher sensitivity works

I would like to use an example to explain how to experience this. Music! I love music and my guides often use it to make things clear to me. We must have all been to a concert or festival. Imagine that you are in the parking lot of a festival, you hear the vague and mostly low tones of the music. Welcome, you have arrived in the experience of the third dimension of life. Life as we experience it is when you hear these undefined vague tones, while you know that a band is playing a few hundred meters away.

A higher sensitivity has many gradations

You have parked your car and meanwhile walk to the festival site. You start to hear more and more definition in the sound, in the meantime you even hear what music it is, even though it is still very distant. You have, as it were, increased your focus with your sensitivity. You still hear what you heard before, but now supplemented with more details. Welcome to a new experience of sensitivity, you have come into contact with the higher dimension.

Our sensitivity helps us identify who we really are

We walk onto the field towards the stage and as we get closer to the stage the music becomes more and more audible. We move through the fifth, sixth and higher dimensions. And as we get closer and closer to the stage, we may even see the band and the charismatic appearance of its members. We raise our awareness and the more sensitive we are, the closer we get to the band, as it were, the source of the sound we experience. Our sensitivity is like a ticket where we can get close to the source. But, as with everything, our own choice ultimately determines how close we want to be to the stage. Do you use your sensitivity or not?

Our sensitivity as a means to express ourselves

You might be lucky. Suppose you are so sensitive that you have a backstage ticket, you step onto the stage and suddenly stand with a microphone in front of you. It's your turn, you've become part of the band. You can now perform your life song to an audience of millions, yearning for enlightenment. When we raise our awareness and become fully aware, our sensitivity is the vehicle to change our lives and with that the lives of many others.

Be the creative source of life yourself

But you know, the real secret is that you don't have to be lucky at all. It has to do with your decision, your intention to love unconditionally. Become aware of who you are and accept yourself for who you are. It is your choice to stand in the parking lot and sing a song there. Fine, but how many people do you reach with that? Or do you step into the crowd and watch your favorite song play? The real kick? Get on that stage yourself and play your own song. Every step closer to the source, every dimension you pass on the way to the source of the sound will blur as you experience each new dimension.

Embrace your sensitivity and create 

Do you dare to look beyond your nose, do you dare to accept that there is more after this life? During this lifetime? Then it enriches your life more than you dare to dream. But if you dare to go beyond that, let go of everything and get absorbed in your own song, your own life. Only then will your life song get the full brilliance it deserves. Embrace your sensitivity! It is your ticket to shape your life yourself. You create your own life, only you can shape it as you can! So let's be happy, sing and dance! You have your own life in your own hands!

20% of the people are Highly Sensitive ... maybe you too.

You sense things very clearly and you notice that you react differently to situations than most people. At work or in a relationship you can sometimes not be understood as a Highly Sensitive Person. But it starts with you. Do you already understand what it means to be highly sensitive and to experience this not as a burden but as a strength? I would be happy to help you. 

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