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You are eager and full of impatience

~ Dare to experience again what it is like to be carefree and thoughtless as a child. Take that step. Just to jump. What can really happen to you? ~


What if?

For weeks you wait for this moment and now you can finally; your first free splash in the pool. You wet your toes on the side and ask those who jumped what the water is like. Happy floundering they say that you must come too. It's fun and you also want to jump as fast as possible. But then suddenly there is that fear. Because the water is deep, you start to doubt. What if you get water in your eyes. What if this, what if that. You let go of your naughty joy and start worrying about all the 'what if' cases.

What's the worst that could happen?

You decide not to jump and you rush back to mother. It sometimes seems as if growing up is accompanied by limiting yourself. You build walls around you and you don't dare to jump anymore. No more enthusiasm to allow what you initially moved. Why don't you just jump. You can always go back, you may be wet, but you will still dry. It will take you some time at the most, but you will have an experience richer.

We shut ourselves off from our freedom

Many 'children' no longer dare to jump. They are no longer reminded to be happy, but to think. Not to feel but to dive into the ratio. We have become the 'what if' generation. We are also children, we only have a physical body which may have reached an age in the meantime. But our soul is young, like a child. Mother earth, father God, we are like the children who are allowed to play in their paradise. But we no longer dare. We do not close our eyes to 'the silence within ourselves', but we close them to the possibilities we have. The freedom that we can experience and take.

Join those who dare

The pool is there to enjoy. To play in. But we prefer to watch how others have fun and thereby forget ourselves. That we may participate in the creation of life. Experiencing pleasure. Dare to feel young again. Dare to experience again what it is like to be carefree and brash like a child. Take that step. Just jump. What can really happen to you? The water catches your jump and your body will automatically find the surface again.

Find the tension correctly

The water makes you feel free. As if you are weightless. It gives you the freedom to move. You might even dare to jump off the springboard next time. Make it even more exciting for yourself. Don't just wet your toes. Jump in! Go for it! Live your life to have fun and enjoy yourself. Life is too good to just look aside.

Previously published January 8, 2014

20% of the people are Highly Sensitive ... maybe you too.

You sense things very clearly and you notice that you react differently to situations than most people. At work or in a relationship you can sometimes not be understood as a Highly Sensitive Person. But it starts with you. Do you already understand what it means to be highly sensitive and to experience this not as a burden but as a strength? I would be happy to help you. 

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