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5 talents of the highly sensitive employee

the highly sensitive employee
~ Read here about 5 talents that are common among the highly sensitive employee. They will immediately recognize which colleagues are involved when you read this. Carefulness, commitment, creativity and they like to think out-of-the-box. ~


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If you've ever hired someone, you know it's pretty easy to find people with the right skills but hard to find people with the right attitude

Will they show up and do their best not only today, but on any Tuesday eight months after they are hired?

Are you highly sensitive? Take the test here.

5 talents of the highly sensitive employee

The employee you can count on

Many HSPs have built in this “right attitude”. While anyone can have a bad day, be HSPs motivated by a legitimate desire to help others, especially those who count on it. The idea of ​​abandoning someone is painful to them, just like the idea of ​​arousing conflicts.

While no personality trait can automatically make someone a model employee, HSPs are simply happier when they make others happy. They can have a powerful presence in any workplace.

5 talents of the highly sensitive employee - highly sensitive employee - Edwin van der Hoeven

Careful decision makers

Many highly sensitive employees combine attention to detail keeping in mind the 'bigger picture' and thus take the long-term consequences into account. As a result, the decisions they make in the given circumstances are the best possible - as long as they get a little time to think.

Rather than an “elephant in a china shop” model to move forward, HSPs illustrate the image of the chess master, who carefully considers every move and then seizes victory. This consideration does not only take place in the head, he consults his intuition to reach the best decision. 

Enormous growth potential

One of the defining characteristics of a sensitive person is that his environment has a much greater impact on him. This can work for or against them - for example, highly sensitive children will do worse than other children in a poor environment, but even better than others in a supportive environment. As adults, this means they get an extra big boost of support, guidance and mentoring. This makes them extremely flexible with the ability to master new skills.

5 talents of the highly sensitive employee - highly sensitive employee - Edwin van der Hoeven

See what everyone is missing

One of the great advantages of the sensitive employees is that they make connections where others do not. This can pay off with tremendous creativity and, in business, an ability to find solutions.

Of course anyone can brainstorm. The benefit that a highly sensitive person offers is not how many ideas they have, but the quality of those ideas. They really approach the problem from a different angle, in part because that busy 'mind' of theirs approaches it from every angle - unconsciously, automatically, in the background while they work.

Certainly when a highly sensitive person discovers the power of the subconscious, he gets hold of tools that bring creativity and originality. They are much better able to follow their 'gut feeling'. 

The kind of leaders that people support

When you envision a strong leader, you may think of someone who is loud, bold, and aggressive. The truth is, those traits usually make for terrible leadership - what people actually react to someone with a vision who listens well and inspires others to do their best. That is exactly how sensitive people prefer to lead.

Typically, sensitive leaders will focus on the team's buy-in, taking the time to learn from those on the front lines, keeping in mind the bigger picture that supports their work. Highly sensitive leaders are usually modest and warm yet determined. These properties are closely related to what Jim Collins, author of Good to Great, found in leaders who could take their companies through explosive periods of growth. In other words, sensitive leaders know how to enthuse people for growth and results.

At first glance, sensitive people may not seem like ideal workers, but dig a little deeper and you'll soon see the strengths they offer. Of course, the highly sensitive employee can sometimes become over-stimulated, but in a good environment he is also often creative and the go-getter who inspires his colleagues. It is time the work world began to recognize this fact.

5 talents of the highly sensitive employee - highly sensitive employee - Edwin van der Hoeven

Don't make it a secret at work that you are highly sensitive! Make it clear what the benefits are and to what extent you want to discuss some limits. Sometimes less is much more!

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20% of the people are Highly Sensitive ... maybe you too.

You sense things very clearly and you notice that you react differently to situations than most people. At work or in a relationship you can sometimes not be understood as a Highly Sensitive Person. But it starts with you. Do you already understand what it means to be highly sensitive and to experience this not as a burden but as a strength? I would be happy to help you. 

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