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5 characteristics of a High Sensitive Person

highly sensitive person
~ A highly sensitive person perceives everything more intensely, with more depth and it can therefore quickly happen that something is also too much. So read the following characteristics of a highly sensitive person and let me know what you sometimes run into. ~


If you are highly sensitive, this page will probably give you a lot of recognition. Isn't it nice to read that these characteristics are known and recognized? 

A highly sensitive person perceives everything more intensely, with more depth and it can therefore quickly happen that something is too much. 

Therefore, read the following points and let me know what you sometimes encounter. It is just as beautiful as we can share this as Highly Sensitive Persons. 

A High Sensitive Person has very sensitive senses

Your senses are super sharp! Your eyes can sometimes hurt with bright light; during concerts or in the summer, when you prefer to wear sunglasses. Not to speak about the noise level during concerts; you sometimes literally feel dizzy. Of course this also applies to scents, taste or even clothing that you wear. If you are tired or hungry, it seems that this is coming in even stronger. 

On the other hand, you can also enjoy art more or nature when it is in bloom and the beautiful colors and scents meet you. Light and shadow dance before your eyes and give more depth to everything you perceive. 

Are you highly sensitive? Take the hsp test here.

5 characteristics of a High Sensitive Person - highly sensitive person - Edwin van der Hoeven

You get stress from many tasks in a short time

Photo; Christian Erfurt on Unsplash

It may sound obvious, but if you have a lot to do in a short time, it can quickly cause stress. You know that you have to take a short break more often to process all impressions. If you have the feeling that this space is being taken away by a mountain of work, you can get a quick and stuffy feeling. 

It is important to set priorities and make it clear to yourself what you first give your attention to. You can divide 8 hours of work a day into 2 4-hour blocks and thus determine what you can do per 4-hour block. Set limits (for yourself) and indicate them (for others) so that you do not walk past yourself and still get what is really important. 

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You prefer to avoid violent films and TV programs

Violence against humans and animals comes to you hard, as if the violence is being done to you. A typical characteristic of a highly sensitive person is his or her empathetic ability which sometimes makes you feel or wronged that someone else is being harmed, is being harmed to you. Another aspect that we must take into account here is the target group for which this type of program is made and the pursuit of 'exaggeration'. What do I mean by this? 

Suppose you would make an exciting film for highly sensitive people, then less incentives are needed than for an average person. However, films are made for the masses and to get a message across there requires more incentives than a hsp needs, or can handle.

Photo; Aimee Vogelsang on Unsplash

You need extra peace and privacy on busy days

Photo; Jen Theodore on Unsplash
Sometimes you have such a busy period that you only need rest and 'being alone'. The bucket is then figuratively overflowed and you just can not bear more incentives. The light is too bright and sounds sound like thunder in your ears. At such moments you want nothing more than to crawl into bed, isolate yourself and ensure that there are as few incentives as possible.

You try to organize your life on the basis of peace and harmony

If there is something that you find very difficult then they are conflicts. You prefer to avoid conflicts and unpleasant situations in your life as much as possible. Avoiding this can manifest itself in all sorts of ways; at work, in your relationships and in everyday life among people. As with any of the characteristics, this can have a positive and negative effect on your life. 

HIt is therefore important that a highly sensitive person learns well where he or she avoids conflicts and to what extent that yields something or costs something. Avoiding unpleasant or overwhelming situations can also cause you to miss out on opportunities in life.

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Photo; Frank Busch on Unsplash

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20% of the people are Highly Sensitive ... maybe you too.

You sense things very clearly and you notice that you react differently to situations than most people. At work or in a relationship you can sometimes not be understood as a Highly Sensitive Person. But it starts with you. Do you already understand what it means to be highly sensitive and to experience this not as a burden but as a strength? I would be happy to help you. 

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