I give you something, my heart, a compass to find your way back

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I give you something, my heart, a compass to find your way back

I give you something, my heart, a compass to find your way back

Don't skip me, don't forget me. Don't let me go into the darkness now that I'm used to the light.

I give you something, my heart, a compass to find your way back. It will be your heart that shows you where to go and how to walk. So don't be afraid because you don't have to look for the way. The path back to me is already present in you. The way of the heart.

But then why the separation. Why am I being sent away from home to find her again?

Who says I'm sending you away? It is your own choice to get closer to me that will allow you to create the conditions you need to grow. It is through resistance that your desire for happiness increases. Grief calls for change. Resistance calls for action. It is the very life that will bring you closer to me. I give you what you ask. But don't ask me 'how' or 'why', because in that you are only a child to understand.

Is there no other way to come to you?

I offer every child the shortest route. It is a free choice to live a life on earth. When you open your eyes you see that the road is the shortest through the swamp of duality. When you feel separate you want the healing from the bottom of the heart. Then the sounds of your soul are heard the loudest. Therefore, listen to what your soul is telling you. Your heart is the sound box of her echo. So don't ignore her singing, but follow her path and sing her.

When will I know that I am on the right track?

That is fairly simple when you feel peace in your heart and all other desires fall away; other than being with me. When you awaken from the dream sketched by the world in which you live. But realize that the only reality is the soul. The only thing that remains is the soul and the only thing that has ever been the soul. When you find the peace that goes beyond emotion, thought and memory, you know that your heart speaks. Because your heart only speaks in the present, not in the past or the future. Therefore, listen carefully to what your heart has to say to you. She knows what is good for you because my prayer resounds in your heart.

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It sounds like the poison of society; loneliness, being alone. We quickly think of older people who lost the love of their lives

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