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Photo; Luis Galvez on Unsplash
the power in yourself

Get up after you fall and continue walking

Letting go of the past is all you have to do. No longer try to hold on to what you no longer serve. The dust behind you will drop until it is waiting to be raised again by the next seeker. Nothing stays the same, for nobody, why should it be different for you. Therefore, get up again and walk on, go on with your life and do not continue to grieve. Allow yourself to feel sadness, but also see the relief as a moment to move on.

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Man meditating on rock looking out over beautiful horizon of setting sun
the power in yourself

Inner peace

Real happiness is not outside of us. I started to discover it more and more in my meditation. Meditation is not a matter of 'not thinking anymore' or sitting as still as possible and watching your breathing. That's just the vehicle. Meditation is peace. An inner peace within ourselves that transcends all situations and circumstances.

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the power in yourself

We have been given a body, yet we are building temples

We have been given a body, yet we are building temples, churches and other houses of worship. We are given ears, but we only listen to others whose word we accept for truth. We have been given eyes to look, but we only look outside of ourselves. We feel, but only what the other person is doing to us. Our attention is not focused on what is already in us, but only what is going on outside of us. We are only observers of half the truth. Our attention goes out and we lose its power. Our senses are constantly focused on what goes on outside of us and we forget our inner wealth. God didn't build the church, he gave us the body. What we see is not

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Photo: Kristina Flour @ Unsplash
the power in yourself

Silence, only silence has the potential to make sound heard

Silence, only silence has the potential to make sound heard. Silence, only in silence do you hear the breath of the universe; the cosmic heartbeat of all that is. Dark, only in the dark is there the chance to see light. Dark, only then can a light break out which makes us see that dark is just closing our eyes to the light. Alone, from solitude you discover that everything is already one. Alone, already one, only you can raise yourself from the crowd and find unity in the 'all' that is already 'one'. It is within the duality of our existence that the keys can be found to unity, to healing, to connection with the source. It's where we

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Many people have the free Crown Chakra resonance meditation downloaded to meditate with during full moon. Did you know that the position of the moon is related to the Chakras? And that's why there are 7 different resonance meditations, one per Chakra.

This pop-up shows the meditation associated with the current position of the moon.

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