We have been given a body, yet we are building temples

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We have been given a body, yet we are building temples

We have been given a body, yet we are building temples

We have been given a body, yet we are building temples, churches and other houses of worship. We are given ears, but we only listen to others whose word we accept for truth. We have been given eyes to look, but we only look outside of ourselves. We feel, but only what the other person is doing to us. Our attention is not focused on what is already in us, but only what is going on outside of us.

We are only observers of half the truth. Our attention goes out and we lose its power. Our senses are constantly focused on what goes on outside of us and we forget our inner wealth. God didn't build the church, he gave us the body. What we see is not outside of us, our perception is within, just like our hearing. We can close our eyes, close our ears, and man will still be able to see and hear. But we forget this or think that it is only the imagination that belongs to a child.

When was the last time you were a child? You have used your imagination to evoke a feeling of happiness. No one can take you from inner joy, you can only allow another to break it off. Our society teaches us to build a wall around our inner child, our inner perception and the pure trust that goes with it. We forget who and what we really are. Our body is the temple of our soul, but this temple is only temporary. We are eternal, without beginning and end, cosmic consciousness, a star in the sky. We are the sand under our feet and the air we breathe.

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Our will is a temporary illusion until we realize that there is only one will, that of God. His will was done both in heaven and on earth. But whoever wants to live separately, may do so, so that he may taste the bitter fruit of sorrow. Not out of anger, but God does this out of love, because he knows that you will return to the house where the sweet wine is waiting, the nectar of love. The greatest love there is is letting go of control. That is why God gave us our freedom, and so we can find his house in our temple again.

When we no longer search outside ourselves, but within ourselves. Cultivate love for ourselves and learn to let go. My will be done, both in heaven and on earth. I am Love, I am always.



It sounds like the poison of society; loneliness, being alone. We quickly think of older people who lost the love of their lives

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Inner peace

Real happiness is not outside of us. I started to discover it more and more in my meditation. Meditation is not a matter of 'not thinking anymore' or sitting as still as possible and watching your breathing. That's just the vehicle. Meditation is peace. An inner peace within ourselves that transcends all situations and circumstances.

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Playing hide and seek, who didn't like it as a child? But also as an adult ... or was I able to play hide and seek. I could always blame it on my zodiac sign The Scorpio; the mysterious animal that likes to hide in the smallest nooks and crannies and wants to remain unseen. And that was also my big challenge, because how do you stay unseen with a length of almost 2 meters? Now of course I am no longer that insecure teenager with pimples, a mat in my neck and hunched shoulders. But still, there was no need to be seen.

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  1. Explain why you always speak in the 'we' and 'us' form and not just from within yourself. Why not write, for example: I have been given eyes to look, but I do not see well outside of me. Our ears, our will, why not keep it to yourself? Any idea what necessity or need is behind that?

    I mean who are you to speak for another because isn't what you see your own projection of reality? In fact, who exists outside of you?

    1. I understand your question and perhaps your confusion. I write inspirations; sometimes these are based on my own experience, other times I am inspired to speak on behalf of the 'spirit world'. Then there is also a lesson for me personally.

      I am also aware of the reader; are you 'me', 'you' or are 'we' both addressed? But the most important thing is; I am inspired to write the words as they belong to me.

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