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Personal development

Do you ever think about why you live?

Many people are afraid of death and therefore often afraid of life itself. They let life go by, blind, hoping that a miracle will happen one day. That everything gets better. But how? They do not see that they themselves are the designers of their lives.

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Personal development

When did you last come across yourself?

Spiritual development is about the big picture and self-realization leaves no choices! You come across yourself and it is therefore not always easy or fun because you come across parts of yourself, in yourself, that can be quite confronting.

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overcome fear
Personal development

Overcome your fear!

Overcome your fear and great treasures await you. It is often a matter of perseverance. The fear that you feel is not present at the final destination!

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the power in yourself

Silence, only silence has the potential to make sound heard

Silence, only silence has the potential to make sound heard. Silence, only in silence do you hear the breath of the universe; the cosmic heartbeat of all that is. Dark, only in the dark is there the chance to see light. Dark, only then can a light break out which makes us see that dark is just closing our eyes to the light. Alone, from solitude you discover that everything is already one. Alone, already one, only you can raise yourself from the crowd and find unity in the 'all' that is already 'one'. It is within the duality of our existence that the keys can be found to unity, to healing, to connection with the source. It's where we

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Listen to your daily meditation here

Also find this meditation on WE ARE ONE (we-are-one.io)

Many people have the free Crown Chakra resonance meditation downloaded to meditate with during full moon. Did you know that the position of the moon is related to the Chakras? And that's why there are 7 different resonance meditations, one per Chakra.

This pop-up shows the meditation associated with the current position of the moon.

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Vision of life
Spiritual development
(Trance) Healing
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