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Do you want to learn to meditate? Stop trying!

Meditation and inner happiness
~ Are you aware of whether you are meditating actively or passively or do you find it challenging enough to sit still for 15 minutes or half an hour ~


To be aware is a verb

Of the many years that I've been meditating, I've been sitting still for about 17 years, literally! The great secret to good meditation is that it is all about energy and feeling, but I was never told that. That has nothing to do with whether or not you can sit still. From the Buddhist approach to Awareness, meditation is awareness. Being aware of your attitude, behavior, dealing with others, how you speak to others and so on. Awareness is an attitude to life where you do not sit still passively, but are actively present in the moment. And so I spent 17 years, mostly passively sitting still.

So meditating makes no sense?

Not true of course, but how do you meditate? Are you aware of whether you are meditating actively or passively or do you find it challenging enough to sit still for 15 minutes or half an hour? Most traditions teach you to meditate passively, while being careful not to fall asleep. You come to rest, every now and then a drop of insight falls down, but it doesn't make you much wiser. This quickly changes with walking meditation or yoga and that is actually very logical, you end up in the more active part.

Trance as a form of passive meditation

First of all, let me start with the passive form of meditation and try to explain its characteristic and usefulness. When you meditate with a passive form of energy you are practicing the way towards trance, or surrender. Meditation in a passive form is always the first step because it helps you keep your head 'empty'or gain insight into what is going on in your mind. This is often the first step, but not necessarily the only step. “Trance” is used in mediumship for what they call Trance Healing and - Speaking.

The word trance is often used in different contexts:

  • a change of a state of consciousness, or
  • a stayed of consciousness

By going into trance we give space to the spiritual world to make use of our mental and physical qualities. For example, they can use our vocal cords to speak or perform healing through our energetic body. Anyone who has ever experienced it knows how special this is and will be aware that there is more between heaven and earth. You obviously do not develop this with 'meditation once', it is a combination of gift, perseverance and discipline.

The flow of your own power

You can learn to deal with the active form from the passive form of meditation. This does not have to be a difficult or complicated process either. We all know this active form! When you're angry, nervous, in love, nervous and I remember best of the times when I had to perform and go on stage. Your abdomen starts to itch, your heart starts to beat faster and you start to sweat slightly. This is the energy that you seek when you actively meditate.

What you learn with this is “stand in your own strength”. Because no matter how nervous you step onto the stage, as soon as the first sounds are heard, the feeling is gone and you end up in a flow. And it is this flow in which you are empowered and can handle the whole world, as it were. It becomes a bit much to explain exactly what is happening energetically to you, but this energy involves an important force; the power of creation.

Make this power your own

Do you have to study for an exam, are you writing a book or do you like to paint from your intuition .. this works best when you are in your own strength. You don't have to try anything for true meditation, you just have to do it. Standing with both feet in life, energizing yourself and staying in that energy. Feel happy, in love or tense. Whatever is needed to generate that energy and you can realize everything you want. Does meditation still make sense? Certainly, but you should not try it!

Meditation and the development of your consciousness something for you?

You run to improve your fitness. In the gym you want to become stronger ... why not learn to use the potential of your consciousness better? Creativity, insight and inner happiness are within reach. More information? Fill in the form and I will contact you as soon as possible. 

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