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Photo; Emily Campbell on Unsplash
~ Meditation is not very difficult, especially with the help of an object to focus on you will experience how quickly this helps you to find your inner peace. ~


Your attitude is the object

You sit up straight, on a chair or in a cross-legged position and make sure that your posture is neat. Your chin focuses a little towards the chest so that your neck can relax and breathing is easy. You close your eyes!

Your hands are the object

When people pray, they fold their hands together. You can hold your thumb with your other hand, this calms down. Or you place your hands flat together, just as they greet each other in Asia. Namaste! Different mudras, each with its own meaning.

The breath is the object

You watch your breathing and feel how it becomes more and more quiet. You take a deep but relaxed breath and ensure that both the abdomen and the chest are involved. 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 counts in and on the exhale try to exhale in 6 counts. 

Your thoughts are the object

Beliefs come and go, you realize that you are not thoughts and can therefore let them go. In silence you think of a mantra and you repeat it in thought or you chant the mantra with full attention; Oooooooohm.

The spiritual world is the object

The spiritual world invites you by sending out an intention. Loved ones or angels come closer when you sit 'in the power'. You increase your energy and attunement takes place with the higher, the Divine. 

Mindfulness, awareness or 'awareness' 

You may have already realized that I can go on like this for a while. There are countless forms of mindfulness with which we think we are meditating. However, there is only one object of meditation and that is the core of meditation itself; awareness or 'awareness'. All the examples above have been described as objects of meditation; or also a subject to arrive at a form of awareness. Pay attention to your posture, your hands, your breathing and so on. But that's not meditation, it's a tool for training and disciplining ourselves. 

True meditation is everything and transcends everything

Meditation is ultimately about seeing, acknowledging, and accepting our true core. Our core or essence is nothing, nothing but pure awareness. It is nothing because it is nothing known to us in form, content, size or identity. It transcends all this and includes it at the same time. You must therefore fully expose yourself, be vulnerable and let go of every object. Who and what you are cannot be limited by these objects of meditation. 

Let go of everything and discover 'who' lets go

Each object of meditation as outlined above is like a vehicle trying to bring you to your destination. However, you are already at your destination, you don't have to go anywhere. So when you start to see that the objects are only a form and you perceive this form from 'something', then you will realize that you already perceive from that essence of the self. It is your identification with the objects that prevent you from being one in awareness. 

Realization is therefore not bound to faith or religion, to prayer or a meditation technique, to a God or spiritual world. Realization is within reach of the viewer. The art of meditation lies in its simplicity and that is what makes it so difficult.

Meditation and the development of your consciousness something for you?

You run to improve your fitness. In the gym you want to become stronger ... why not learn to use the potential of your consciousness better? Creativity, insight and inner happiness are within reach. More information? Fill in the form and I will contact you as soon as possible. 

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