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meditate on the full moon
~ Full moon meditation allows us to connect with the higher self. When we become more aware of our feelings and our emotions are given space to be. ~


Life is a cycle; everything comes and goes again

In addition to the sun as a celestial body, the moon is essential for our life and life on earth. Without the sun there would be no life at all, but look at the effect of moon on life; ebb and flow, the tides. Where the sun is our body, the moon is our emotional body. Emotions come and go, circumstances come and go. The moon reminds us that a difficult period can sometimes take a while, but eventually it passes. Where the sun announces itself daily, the moon takes time and it takes 28 days to complete its cycle.

A moment of emptiness

With a lunar eclipse, however, something magical happens, because in a very short period of time it will disappear and reappear. In meditation that is a wonderful moment to go into our feelings and let go of things that no longer serve us. So be extra aware every time a full moon goes together with an eclipse when you meditate!

Our body is a heavenly body

The meditation music you download for free is 46 minutes long. If you listen to the music you will hear a tilt taking place halfway through; the music gets lighter and lifts you up more. The first part is to ground, to ground and then to reach out to the Universe. Awakening is therefore also a process that happens in the body, we need our body to move to the higher.

That you may be touched in your heart and soul and let go of what you no longer serve!

With love, Edwin

Read here the instructions for the meditation that is with every full moon.

Meditation and the development of your consciousness something for you?

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Many people have the free Crown Chakra resonance meditation downloaded to meditate with during full moon. Did you know that the position of the moon is related to the Chakras? And that's why there are 7 different resonance meditations, one per Chakra.

This pop-up shows the meditation associated with the current position of the moon.

If the calendar does not show, click on this link! (the link opens in a new window)

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