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Haas looks around
~ The spiritual world is intelligent and knows how and when to get your attention. Not to convince you, but rather to let beliefs falter so that you are more open to the wonder of life. ~


There is nothing as special as a personal experience with the spiritual world. From my own experience I know that these kinds of events happen spontaneously and not necessarily when it comes out. It is often these events that convince us of a life after death, or that there is something between heaven and earth. I therefore see it as a religious experience, not a religious belief! Many people have spontaneous experiences with deceased loved ones, but often these contact attempts do not find a response. It is precisely because of the nature that it can often not be explained that it contradicts the recipient's beliefs in life or belief. 

Faith experiences offer comfort

It is a pity that many experiences are not shared because of this. Recently it turned out on facebook that my post received very nice reactions from various people to the question whether they had ever experienced a 'ghost story'. Such an experience, however diverse they may be, should be celebrated as a special sign of our loved ones. This does not mean that every feather on the ground is a message, but precisely those experiences that you really cannot explain. Like the following story that was shared:

“I went to my uncle's grave and didn't know in which grave the urn was buried. I thought I'd walk around hoping to find the grave. Suddenly there was a rabbit there, which I then followed. Suddenly the rabbit was gone and I was almost standing next to the grave. ” 

Ratio and conviction do not follow a rabbit, it is just a feeling, an opportunity, a possibility that there is something more between heaven and earth that you let the bunny follow. In this way a faith experience is created that you may very well be convinced to take a different look at life. To be more open to those little magical moments that are inexplicable, but offer so much comfort.

3 characteristics of a 'ghost story'

It is precisely the beliefs that should be viewed critically. And 'the joke' is that these kinds of spontaneous experiences are quickly attacked by skeptics who are convinced that they are right. A belief is a belief! Anything that deviates slightly from that is labeled nonsense and non-sense. The point is, it doesn't detract from the experience. And again, not every feather on the ground is a signal from above. When you delve into the 'ghost stories' you usually see three characteristics;

  • it is inexplicable
  • it happens at an unexpected moment
  • it's intelligent

And it's always loving, although some experiences can scare you because of its unexpected nature. 

A special experience is not yet hard evidence

Skeptics and scientists, of course, have a point if they claim that it cannot be proven. In that sense, spiritual experiences and science may never find each other. Science wants reproduction, the spiritual world spontaneity. The dilemma is that an experience of faith is inexplicable and unexpected because it is not a trick but an expression of love. But perhaps even more important; it's personal! The experience in which, for example, a loved one is at your bedside in the middle of the night is personal, it will be a sausage to the deceased whether a scientist believes it or not. Or hearing a voice, this too is quickly dismissed as a medical condition and not a spiritual experience. Yet it is often the context in which it happens that gives it value; or the intelligence behind it. If such a thing happens then you will become convinced that the ratio cannot understand everything and you will often become more open to such experiences that make you believe in an afterlife, for example. 

A spiritual helper introduces himself

It also makes no sense to repeat a spontaneous experience. I will never forget 1 of my first conscious experiences when I was visiting a friend. She is a trance medium and had received some signals about who her guide might be. She associated it with a location in England, but it turned out to be his last name. She told me that she would go into a trance, ask the guide to come closer and I had to give this guide a good test; who it was and all how and why. 

I was fairly new to the 'spiritual' landscape of mediumship so I really had no idea what they all meant. But she closed her eyes and truly; at one point I saw a man appear. I just saw the man with my eyes open and it was like he emerged from behind her. With great astonishment I asked him in mind his name, year of birth and some other things. I don't know why I thought this would work, but it worked and he answered nicely. 

We had a name; George. It may be silly, but for privacy reasons I cannot give a last name. We immediately searched the internet and typed in his first and last name but found nothing. Suddenly I heard another word whispered in my ear; Sophisticated. But I didn't trust my own ears and left it as it was. Attempt failed!

The spiritual world knows Google

Or not…. the next day at work it kept haunting my mind and so I opened the browser and looked for his first and last name and this time also the word 'sophisticated', I spontaneously clicked on Google images and I was completely shocked by the blubbers. I looked straight into the face of the man I had seen the day before. The picture led to a family tree and the best man I saw was the father of the guide in question. ALL information matched what he had told me the day before. 

If only you could record such an event scientifically. It probably will never work! But for me it was an experience that I will never forget and many different experiences have come after that. I really believe that if we are open to them, let the spiritual world know that they are there. That is not a belief but faith in the power of the experience itself. 

Mediumship is an aspect of being human to which too little attention is paid

So many people are still afraid of death. Mediumship shows us that we can see our body as a vehicle of our soul. That we are not our body, but have a body. A consultation is always possible, but it is even more special if I can help you to get in touch with your loved ones. 

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