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Photo; Ben White on Unsplash
~ Not 'a' religion, but joy is religion! I don't know about you, but when I meet a good friend of mine it makes me happy. ~


Religion is taken way too seriously

Not 'a'religion, but joy is religion! I don't know about you, but when I meet a good friend of mine it makes me happy. However, if you look around you in the world, especially where religion is concerned, religion seems to provide very little joy. Then the characteristic of religion is more that we do not agree with each other and use that to make each other's lives miserable. You may know; I really take spirituality, religion and mediumship very seriously! But with a smile. Yet I also see it differently during demonstrations of mediumship.

Joy creates energy

Many mediums call it 'in the power', and they do it before giving a demonstration. Then a serious song is put on, because it supposedly increases the energy, they close their eyes and then ………. as an audience you are then watching the mediums who find attunement with their eyes closed. I've never really understood that before. The music is over and a medium gets up to give a demonstration. What you mainly see is that the energy has now reached the 'North Pole' level and the medium has to work very hard to get the first contact. Logical! There is no joy at all, no excitement that contact may arise. Hell, how beautiful is it not that contact between the two worlds is allowed, isn't that something to celebrate?

Religion is like ordinary life

Of course it is not always the case. It is wonderful to see the demonstrations where singing is done beforehand and then the medium makes first contact with a smile. And of course there are serious conversations, but especially beautiful reunions between loved ones, acquaintances, friends or colleagues. Sometimes something has to be said for which there was no time in life. Sometimes it's just a message that everything is going well. But religion is about life, survival and the creative power we have as humans. And from that creative power comes joy. We make art, music, food, clothes because it makes us happy. It is an expression of our self, our joy and… our anger as well. We can show our emotions, that is religion.

A message of joy in many dialects

But let's not take religion too seriously! Look at the dancing Sufi Dervish, the worshipers directing their songs to God or the gospel choirs finding harmony with each other. Religion may be celebrated, the connection with each other only becomes stronger. Let joy connect us together. God speaks one message in many dialectsJust because you can't understand the one doesn't mean the message is radically different. In every dialect, God speaks its word of love and brotherhood so that it sees that we are all one.

Mediumship is an aspect of being human to which too little attention is paid

So many people are still afraid of death. Mediumship shows us that we can see our body as a vehicle of our soul. That we are not our body, but have a body. A consultation is always possible, but it is even more special if I can help you to get in touch with your loved ones. 

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