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Photo: Jakob Owens @ unsplash
~ Do you love yourself? What makes you happy? So often we give away our strength, our ability to shape our own lives. You can ask yourself; what makes you happy? ~


Find what makes you happy

Ask yourself, what really makes you really happy. What do you manifest in your life of which your heart sings, your head does not come in between, but you can be purely aware. One second a day, one minute, hours, or any time of the day. Examine your life, examine your actions. Do you ever think about why you live? It is not the external circumstances that make you happy or not. It is really how you deal with it yourself. Therefore ask yourself; what makes you really happy?

Take control of your own life

What do you contribute to this yourself through your attitude and behavior. Do you wait for the other to make decisions for you, or do you take action yourself. Where do you draw your line and to what extent do you allow outsiders in your life to rule your life. You alone are the director of your life. Only you can give substance to this and cherish a life as you dream it. Your dream is inspired by God. It is his deepest desire for you to realize yourself. To let your light shine through the dream he has for you.

Who really observes purely?

Put aside all prejudices, drop all past comments and really become yourself. Who are you, what do you want to achieve? Who is it that listens to the name you have been given. Are they false concepts, inspired by your upbringing, your colleagues or your employer? Your family or partner and children? So many people who air an opinion but who themselves do not act from their own purity. What really makes you happy? Our father is the only one who is really able to watch from heaven. He knows your soul, he knows your heart.

Let go and receive life

Do not try to hold onto the dream of a cloud like a frightening raindrop. Become the ocean of love of which you really belong. Drop yourself, disentangle yourself from the fog in your life and become one with what really counts as love. The endless ocean of love and unity. Open yourself to the love of God.

Listen to the peace in the silence

Be still and listen to the gentle breathing, what your breath is telling you. Are you calm or do you only now notice the rush in which you live every day? Return to tranquility, take that moment, experience and know that tranquility is reality. Love grows in rest, it is in peace that our inner voice makes itself heard and leads us to the pastures of love and abundance. Movement arises from a standstill. Therefore be still my dear child, my heart will speak to your heart so that you will hear the words of God. Silence, only silence has the potential to make sound heard.

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