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When in doubt do not catch up
~ What does it take to overcome doubt? To look again for what can offer you security. To close your eyes to your external world and go in. You are the only one who can provide you with certainty in life. ~


When you are not sure what to do, when in doubt, you also make a choice. How to act, but also not to act is always a choice. You may end up from one doubt after another. But doubt is always followed by certainty. Recently a friend wrote to me: if in doubt do not catch up. A philosophy from psychology.

External factors determine the doubt

If you think about it more deeply, it indicates that you often look at your external environment when in doubt. If in doubt you should not catch up. Your external environment therefore determines the 'certainty'or rather, the doubt on which you base your choices. If there is certainty, then those external circumstances matter less, if not even. Then you can catch up and soon forget the entire situation. But if you continue to worry about external circumstances, that which is beyond your control, then you will not find it easily.

What offers you security?

Security is an internal matter, doubt an external one. When in doubt, what does the external world look like? Which situations or people make you doubt? But perhaps more importantly, why do you let external circumstances determine your state of mind? What does it take to make you look inside again, when was the last time you met yourself? To search again for what you can offer security. To close your eyes to your external world and go inside.

Dependence makes you doubt

The truth, does it actually exist? Or is there just an external illusion in which you can move that gives you doubts and other emotions. The only certainty lies hidden in your 'self', there your truth can be found. Most people, however, are swallowed up by the external world, by the illusion maintained by others. No one can bring you real happiness, no one will love you unconditionally, no one is always there for you. This because they are external factors that make you dependent. You are happiness, you are love, you are the only one who can be there for yourself by looking at yourself honestly and openly.

Accept yourself for who you really are

You are the only one who can provide you with certainty in life. But do not be feared, from that loneliness comes healing. From loneliness, unity arises automatically when we again know and recognize who we are, what we are. Love is a force that can only be found within ourselves and when you act out of that true love again, nothing is powerful enough to make you doubt. When in doubt, do not overtake, so find the strength to continue in your life with certainty. Because you are impatientthen nothing will stop you from taking that leap and being yourself.

(written on 12 December 2013)

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