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Movement arises from a standstill

Photo: Dimitar Belchev @ Unsplash
~ Be true to yourself, to your heart and to its deepest desires. Be who you really are and let go of the false illusions that will not help you anyway. You just have to be. ~


Unconditional love

Movement arises from a standstill, just as sound from silence is best audible. It is the tranquility that we must seek to experience who we really are. When we are aware of our inner breathing, our heart, that it finds peace in love. Love for ourselves, and from that peace the love for the other. Without expectations, without desires, perceive what happens in mutual interaction.

First, accept yourself

As individuals we are all interconnected, it is our empathy that gives direction. When we become aware and open our heart to admit the other; with her pain and joy. Living in full awareness that we can live in connection with each other. But this path is not easy, because you will first have to get to know yourself and accept every aspect of it.

But who are you then?

Everyone is already perfect, but it is how we think about ourselves that does not do this. We take the impression that others give us for granted, while ignoring how we really feel. Do you see the light of your own soul in the mirror, or the shadow that someone else casts over you? Stand in your own light again, and let the other person free in his or her perception. There is no one truth, there is only your truth. Your naked truth in which you can see yourself as you really are.

Learn to trust yourself

Be true to yourself, your heart and its deepest desires. Be who you really are and release the false illusions that will not help you any further. You just have to be. Your place on earth is to experience, to be. Not to pursue, to win or lose, not to place and follow the other on a pedestal. Follow your own inner voice, be your own master and learn.

Where there is love, you will find direction

Teach yourself how to find your way through the word of the heart. Because if there is love, there is always a path. And where you find the path, go on your way and walk away from what you do not serve. Leave the crowds behind and find the silence of your soul. Let life be an expression of the soul. Her love is eternal.

- written on November 4, 2013 -

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