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When did you last come across yourself?

man climbs mountain
~ Spiritual development is about the big picture and self-realization leaves no choices! You encounter yourself and it is therefore not always easy or fun because you come across parts of yourself, in yourself, that can be quite confronting. ~


Spirituality is not just 'light and love' or seeing everything through rose-colored glasses. If you really want insight into who you are, you have to look at the whole picture and especially those pieces that you prefer not to see. Hence the question of when you last encountered yourself. This weekend I found out that a sauna at 110 degrees Celcius can help with that. You go into it with full courage, sweating and loosening the muscles. But after 5 minutes you are on a heartbeat of 140 and you are soaked in sweat. That is not even the worst; your thoughts are full of volume telling you to get out. Maximum in the resistance!

Always enough reasons not to do something

It is too hot, breathing is difficult and certainly not through your nose. You've been in it long enough. You really don't need 15 minutes, 7 is fine too. You are already sweating, that's fine then. You are not really comfortable, maybe after a short break it will get better. It is better to build it up a bit. Maybe just drink some water. Isn't it too hot now….. And so on. Your 'mind' goes completely loose and makes up all kinds of things to get out of the heat. But just accepting for what it is hardly works. Acceptance only occurs in the dictionary of habit. Super interesting actually. Because all these excuses, all these excuses, all those squiggles are part of who you are. That makes who you are a lot less fun doesn't it? Always plenty of reasons not to do something, when you only need one to go for it.

What do you identify yourself with?

Spiritual development is about the total picture and self-realization leaves no choices! It is therefore not always easy or fun because you come across pieces of yourself, within yourself that may not be as nice or easy. But you also have to ask yourself; who determines how you should be? What do you identify yourself with?

  • You may have learned behavior because you were able to survive that way.
  • Don't trust anyone because you don't know how to trust yourself at all.
  • You know how to provide everyone with good advice, but you don't even listen to your own intuition.

Look into your fear

If everything has to be light and love, then you don't make it easier for yourself if it is against us. Joy does not limit, but fear paralyzes you. That is why it is so important not to avoid your fear, it is precisely that fear that can also give you the freedom to be yourself.

Fear teaches you to explore the limit of your ability

Alex Honnold is not someone who avoids fear. In the film from National Geographic Free Solo do you see his preparation to climb El Capitan; alone and without rope to secure oneself. A blood-curdling adventure where you hold your heart while he clings to that huge wall. During his preparations he is confronted with his fear several times; the ability to fall and not survive. My sauna adventure is of course nothing, but we all come across our own wall once in a while. Will we stop there? Or do we just take the time to investigate our fear and thus ultimately find freedom by controlling that invisible wall within ourselves. You decide for yourself and nobody can climb that wall for you.

You stand still in your comfort zone, you do not grow

Only then will you really get to know yourself, will you become whole and will you find healing. Not by always being ready for someone else. Not by always putting the other person first and adapting. Not by putting your dreams in the fridge any longer for the sake of good peace. Friends become enemies, enemies become friends. What didn't work out at first becomes feasible and what you did is no longer interesting. Life gives us contradictions and fear, so that we may rise above it and thus show our true face. Therefore, embrace your fear as a force that helps you advance, helps you overcome.

Is personal guidance something for you?

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