Solar plexus chakra resonance meditation

Solar plexus chakra resonance meditation


  • Resonance to the Alpha brain waves; 10Hz
  • extra ohm sound on 111Hz resonates on the bridge between Theta and Delta
  • Focus on Solfeggio tone MI - 528Hz

Solar plexus chakra resonance meditation - Edwin van der HoevenThe Manipura (navel chakra / Solar Plexus) is seen as the most important place for storing energy. According to the New Age this chakra is yellow in color and is associated with the pancreas, stomach, gallbladder, liver, spleen, small intestine, abdominal cavity and vegetative nervous system. This chakra regulates digestion and has a major influence on the functioning of the lower body, stomach, liver and spleen.

The tone MI focuses on transformation and performing miracles.

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Additional information

Playing time

46 minutes

Solfeggio frequency


Brainwave resonance

10Hz Alpha

File format

.zip contains both files

Solar Plexus Chakra resonance meditation
Solar plexus chakra resonance meditation


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Many people have the free Crown Chakra resonance meditation downloaded to meditate with during full moon. Did you know that the position of the moon is related to the Chakras? And that's why there are 7 different resonance meditations, one per Chakra.

This pop-up shows the meditation associated with the current position of the moon.

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