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Photo; Nathan McBride on Unsplash

so close

I am not a God, I am not a leader. Nor am I a teacher or guru. Just let me walk forward to pick up the stones from the path. Allow me to find God so that I can show you God. Let me walk forward, don't be afraid, I'll be back. Let me pave the way through this barren desert, where the fruitless soil marks its skeleton. Do not fear my wounds, they will heal with time. I have received the power, my inner compass that shows me the way back to the house. I am not a God, I am not a leader. Let me show you which way to go so you don't have to stumble. So you don't have to hide the cracks that you're naked

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Photo: Roman Kraft @ Unsplash

The pain is no longer there

Is this the moment that I continue? That the pain has become so bearable that it no longer touches. That I'm getting older this month than you were. I search all over my body, physically and emotionally, but the pain is no longer there. It feels peaceful and weird at the same time, you have not been there for so long and it is great. I once wrote a song about it called "For The Better". The song is a retrospective to the last moment in the hospital where we knew you were going and we had to say goodbye, but we could also say goodbye. That it was better that way; you were allowed to let go of the pain and take your place in a new existence. Like that now

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It sounds like the poison of society; loneliness, being alone. We soon think of older people who have lost the love of their lives and are only waiting for the redemption of death so that they may be reunited. Loneliness; a specter for many. But loneliness doesn't only have to be physical in nature, and not just something that older people have to deal with. Loneliness is characterized by versatility and affects everyone. In addition to the physical experience, one can also be mentally lonely or emotionally. When you go among people, with your family, friends or your partner. Lonely because you do not experience that you connect with those who are so close. Mentally, because your ideas and thoughts do not hear

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Photo; Luis Galvez on Unsplash
the power in yourself

Get up after you fall and continue walking

Letting go of the past is all you have to do. No longer try to hold on to what you no longer serve. The dust behind you will drop until it is waiting to be raised again by the next seeker. Nothing stays the same, for nobody, why should it be different for you. Therefore, get up again and walk on, go on with your life and do not continue to grieve. Allow yourself to feel sadness, but also see the relief as a moment to move on.

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Man meditating on rock looking out over beautiful horizon of setting sun
the power in yourself

Inner peace

Real happiness is not outside of us. I started to discover it more and more in my meditation. Meditation is not a matter of 'not thinking anymore' or sitting as still as possible and watching your breathing. That's just the vehicle. Meditation is peace. An inner peace within ourselves that transcends all situations and circumstances.

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follow your heart

The creation of the heart

You can only join hands with empty hands. Embrace your brother and sister, don't leave them alone. But also give them the freedom to reject your love. They must find God's love, therein lies the true deliverance from the heart.

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Photo: Tim Graf @ Unsplash
follow your heart

I give you something, my heart, a compass to find your way back

Don't skip me, don't forget me. Don't let me go into the darkness now that I'm used to the light. I give you something, my heart, a compass to find your way back. It will be your heart that shows you where to go and how to walk. So don't be afraid because you don't have to look for the way. The path back to me is already present in you. The way of the heart. But then why the separation. Why am I being sent away from home to find her again? Who says I'm sending you away? It is your own choice to come closer to me that ensures that you create the circumstances

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nature is my church
nobody is perfect

Nature is my church!

When I walked here I felt my father very strongly with me, he said "stay with your attention with me" but after a few steps my attention weakened and again he said "focus, stay with me". He let me experience the distance between him and myself and how difficult it is not to be distracted by external stimuli. That led me to look at myself and still have a feeling that I was failing. My own father and I couldn't keep my attention on him. But it was as if he then wanted to make clear to me what the exercise really was; nobody is perfect! We will be hurt, cheated and we will be expected to do things that we cannot do

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being seen

Who is not gone is seen!

Playing hide and seek, who didn't like it as a child? But also as an adult ... or was I able to play hide and seek. I could always blame it on my zodiac sign The Scorpio; the mysterious animal that likes to hide in the smallest nooks and crannies and wants to remain unseen. And that was also my big challenge, because how do you stay unseen with a length of almost 2 meters? Now of course I am no longer that insecure teenager with pimples, a mat in my neck and hunched shoulders. But still, there was no need to be seen.

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Photo: Somin Khanna @ Unsplash

Be free to listen to the wings of birds in the wind

Be free to listen to the wings of birds in the wind. Be free to watch the clouds in the sky that dance like a soft embrace to the sun. Give the other person your greeting with a smile and recognition in the heart. Wouldn't the world look cold and chilly without your presence. Every greeting, every smile illuminates the shadow of life. Every act of brotherhood creates unity as it is intended. No more separation, but the embrace of each other in love; in mind or through physical expression. For real love this makes no difference. What is measurable does not have to be the truth. Open your eyes and look ahead, however, you don't see sideways and from

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Photo: Chris Jarvis @ Unsplash
the power in yourself

We have been given a body, yet we are building temples

We have been given a body, yet we are building temples, churches and other houses of worship. We are given ears, but we only listen to others whose word we accept for truth. We have been given eyes to look, but we only look outside of ourselves. We feel, but only what the other person is doing to us. Our attention is not focused on what is already in us, but only what is going on outside of us. We are only observers of half the truth. Our attention goes out and we lose its power. Our senses are constantly focused on what goes on outside of us and we forget our inner wealth. God didn't build the church, he gave us the body. What we see is not

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Photo: Kristina Flour @ Unsplash
the power in yourself

Silence, only silence has the potential to make sound heard

Silence, only silence has the potential to make sound heard. Silence, only in silence do you hear the breath of the universe; the cosmic heartbeat of all that is. Dark, only in the dark is there the chance to see light. Dark, only then can a light break out which makes us see that dark is just closing our eyes to the light. Alone, from solitude you discover that everything is already one. Alone, already one, only you can raise yourself from the crowd and find unity in the 'all' that is already 'one'. It is within the duality of our existence that the keys can be found to unity, to healing, to connection with the source. It's where we

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Many people have the free Crown Chakra resonance meditation downloaded to meditate with during full moon. Did you know that the position of the moon is related to the Chakras? And that's why there are 7 different resonance meditations, one per Chakra.

This pop-up shows the meditation associated with the current position of the moon.

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