Nature is my church!

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Nature is my church!

Nature is my church!

When I walked here I felt my father very strongly with me, he said "stay with your attention with me" but after a few steps my attention weakened and again he said "focus, stay with me". He let me experience the distance between him and myself and how difficult it is not to be distracted by external stimuli.

That led me to look at myself and still have a feeling that I was failing. My own father and I couldn't keep my attention on him. But it was as if he then wanted to make clear to me what the exercise really was; nobody is perfect! We will be hurt, cheated and things expected of us that we cannot meet. Only when we find peace and acceptance in ourselves for who we are, do we begin to live. Then we will express who we are and take responsibility for it.

Then we don't need God to find justification for our actions. Then we no longer place people on a pedestal so that they can look down on us. Then nothing or nobody has to be forgiven. Then life just ripples, just like the water here in front of me. Without judgment, just taking her place in life. Giving space for life. Yep! Nature is my church. I learn so much from her.

Man meditating on rock looking out over beautiful horizon of setting sun
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Real happiness is not outside of us. I started to discover it more and more in my meditation. Meditation is not a matter of 'not thinking anymore' or sitting as still as possible and watching your breathing. That's just the vehicle. Meditation is peace. An inner peace within ourselves that transcends all situations and circumstances.

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It sounds like the poison of society; loneliness, being alone. We quickly think of older people who lost the love of their lives

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The creation of the heart

You can only join hands with empty hands. Embrace your brother and sister, don't leave them alone. But also give them the freedom to reject your love. They must find God's love, therein lies the true deliverance from the heart.

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