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You hold the key to liberation

Every human has an invisible drawer somewhere where we hide our fears. Sometimes it has been closed for so long that we don't even know why. Fine right? mmmm not quite, because if it affects you unconsciously, it may send you in a direction that you don't want to go at all. Do you sometimes think afterwards; why do I say or do that? So that! The time is right to free yourself.  

Who is the strongest; your body or your mind?

Healthy eating gives you the energy your body needs. Sleep also belongs in that list. But when we talk about our emotional and mental state then silence quickly falls… how do you train that and when can you say that you need training? 

Just as you can sit against a ceiling with weightlifting, so can you get tangled up with your own thoughts and deprive yourself. You want to achieve something but it just doesn't work. The idea that you have a buddy who can help where necessary is often enough. You can do much more than you realize

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Entrepreneurship is a collaboration between reason and feeling

Personal development is essential if you as an entrepreneur want to make decisions that are creative and innovative. Wanting to be progressive doesn't mean getting stuck in the past. However, thinking only knows one thing; what happened in the past. This enables it to make plans and devise scenarios. But what does your feeling say, do you dare to trust your intuition and just take a leap of faith?

Is personal guidance something for you?

Life sometimes presents you with enormous challenges; at work, in your relationship, family or your own personal 'purpose'. Share your details and I will contact you asap to see how I can help you. 

Bitcoin, king of value

Bitcoin and the spirituality of trading

Spirituality and money matters sometimes seem to be at odds with each other. In this first video I explain that you can indeed learn a lot about yourself when you trade in stocks or cryptos. It teaches you about patience, focus, fear, strategy and many more qualities that can be of great use to you in life.

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Photo by Anastasia Dulgier on Unsplash

What energy do you attract?

Your zodiac sign says something about the influence of energies when you were born. Your zodiac sign serves as a starting point! In this blog I want to explain how these stars can have an effect on you as a person.

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Do you ever think about why you live?

Many people are afraid of death and therefore often afraid of life itself. They let life go by, blind, hoping that a miracle will happen one day. That everything gets better. But how? They do not see that they themselves are the designers of their lives.

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man climbs mountain

When did you last come across yourself?

Spiritual development is about the big picture and self-realization leaves no choices! You come across yourself and it is therefore not always easy or fun because you come across parts of yourself, in yourself, that can be quite confronting.

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puzzle of life

The puzzle of life

Every training, workshop or course you do is like another piece of the puzzle. You learn something again, you are confronted with something you do not want to see in yourself and you can grow a bit again. My guidance is therefore not a final destination, it is like finding another piece from the puzzle of life.

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Movement arises from a standstill

Be true to yourself, to your heart and to its deepest desires. Be who you really are and let go of the false illusions that will not help you anyway. You just have to be.

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When in doubt do not catch up

When in doubt do not catch up

What does it take to overcome doubt? To look again for what can offer you security. To close your eyes to your external world and go in. You are the only one who can provide you with certainty in life.

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Get up after you fall and continue walking

Letting go of the past is all you have to do. No longer try to hold on to what you no longer serve. The dust behind you will drop until it is waiting to be raised again by the next seeker. Nothing stays the same, for nobody, why should it be different for you. Therefore, get up again and walk on, go on with your life and do not continue to grieve. Allow yourself to feel sadness, but also see the relief as a moment to move on.

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overcome fear

Overcome your fear!

Overcome your fear and great treasures await you. It is often a matter of perseverance. The fear that you feel is not present at the final destination!

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What really makes you happy?

Do you love yourself? What makes you happy? So often we give away our power, our ability to shape our lives ourselves. You can ask yourself; what makes you happy?

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Many people have the free Crown Chakra resonance meditation downloaded to meditate with during full moon. Did you know that the position of the moon is related to the Chakras? And that's why there are 7 different resonance meditations, one per Chakra.

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