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puzzle of life
~ Every training, workshop or course you do is like another piece of the puzzle. You learn something again, you are confronted with something you do not want to see in yourself and you can grow a bit again. My guidance is therefore not a final destination, it is like finding another piece from the puzzle of life. ~


Unfortunately, no sudden enlightenment, ultimate wealth, fans and likes in abundance or wisdom. I can offer you another piece of the puzzle of life! Take a place like Facebook, it's almost bursting with false promises; happy people, rich people, successful people, slim people and people who really feel great about themselves. It can really make you feel like you're not doing anything right in life at times. Their life seems almost too good to be true, and it often is!

Puzzle pieces are sometimes difficult to find

Unfortunately I do not offer golden mountains or a six-pack. I do in puzzle pieces! There is quite a lot involved, by the way, you really shouldn't underestimate that. Puzzle pieces are characterized by the fact that they have not yet made themselves known and are sometimes difficult to find. The puzzle of life requires patience, calmness and perception. And an open mind, that is perhaps the most important!

The mind does not solve the puzzle

Have you ever thought that thinking only provides old information? Thinking is super useful, but it mainly looks at a database of experiences that you must have experienced before you can consult it; old information. So in order to arrive at new discoveries and solutions for your problems, you need a different approach. One where you do not just rely on thinking, but also on you intuition; your feeler as my mother always says.

Can you trust your intuition?

It is such a typical thinking question 'whether you can trust your gut'. Yes, just how do you distinguish thinking from feeling? A lot of people think so mediumship a gift that is only intended for a small select group. One aspect of mediumship is reading the energy of another and everyone can and does that. That you can read the energy of a deceased person has to do with sensitivity, not necessarily with a gift. How cool is it if you read someone's energy and you can get immediate feedback. Gradually you learn to trust your feelings and you can further develop this.

Then how do you find that puzzle piece?

They are not false promises that I make! Everyone can read the energy of another. You can learn it, you learn to interpret the information and you will surprise yourself. I've seen it so many times. But these are not the puzzle pieces I am talking about. It is ultimately about getting to know a bit of yourself again;

  • Why you do things the way you do
  • That you can put your feeling into words
  • You your sensitivity understand something better again
  • Your mediumship can jump again
  • Creativity may be expressed again
The puzzle of life has many sides
Photo by Ryoji Iwata on Unsplash

In my guidance, I strive to bring you a little more in your own strength. May trust your feelings and hopefully that will make you a bit happier. Because life is to be lived, so that at the end of it we hopefully have the whole puzzle finished.

One more question remains for me; Have you lost a puzzle piece where I can help you find it? 

Is personal guidance something for you?

Life sometimes presents you with enormous challenges; at work, in your relationship, family or your own personal 'purpose'. Share your details and I will contact you asap to see how I can help you. 

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