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5 special mantras from Buddhism

Buddhist mantras


These mantras from Buddhism are used as an object of meditation so that we can focus our attention. By repeating the mantra in a talking or singing way - or in our mind - we can calm the flow of thought. When we calm our thinking we come into contact with our deeper layers of consciousness. The pursuit of meditation is the conscious connection with the source of our being.

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It also has a medicinal effect because sound is vibration and our body responds to vibration. Because the sounds resonate in different places in your body, they can lift energetic blockages and therefore have a beneficial effect. Therefore try to feel the mantras in your body and do not think too much about how to pronounce them. My personal experience is that the pitch of my voice sometimes changes while chanting mantras.

Below are some examples of ancient mantras in Sanskrit - the ancient sacred language of India, of course you can self-made affirmations use.

Om Ah Hum Vajra Guru Padma Siddhi Hum


Pronounce as: to ah hoem

The mantra of all Buddhas and awakened masters of the past, present and future. You can use it to bless people, animals, places and things. Tibetans often use this mantra in prostrations, when making an altar or making offerings. A good practice is to say it before, during and after a meal. Think of all the people who have made sure that this food is on your plate and are now preparing food in the future. Bless them with this mantra.

Pronounce as: to ah hoem benza guru pemma siddhie hoem

A personal favorite and one of the most famous Tibetan mantras; the Vajra Guru mantra from Padmasambhava. This mantra names all buddhas, masters and awakened people. The unique power of this mantra is used for peace, healing, transformation and protection in this violent and chaotic time. For the meaning we start with the previous mantra “Om ah hum” supplemented with a reference to Padmasambhava which is as unique, strong and pure as diamond. We ask for the blessing to give us the same qualities that will enable us to awaken from the slumber that clouds our consciousness.

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Let this music help your meditation!

The power of music, ancient societies already knew that drums, singing or dancing could put you in a trance. We now know that this cadence affects the brain by 'brainwave entrainment'. 

This heart chakra resonance meditation music helps you to get into a trance state and supports your daily meditation practice. 

The entire Spirit of Love series consists of 7 chakra meditations that each work on a specific resonance. You can get the music for it free download crown chakra! It is most powerful when used during a full moon. Click here for more information >


Pronounce as: om mani pemma hoem

Chenrezig's mantra - Boddhisatva Avalokiteshvara. The current 13th Dalai Lama is the incarnation of Chenrezig, the Buddha of Infinite Compassion. Use this mantra to wish compassion and loving kindness from your heart to all living beings in this cosmos. For example, use this mantra when there are people you are having problems with. Wish them to be free from suffering and the source from which their suffering arose.


Pronounce as: tajattaa to moeni moeni mahaa moeni-jeh soha

The mantra of Shakyamuni Buddha, the Buddha we know as Siddharta Gautama, the Buddha of our time. Use this mantra at the beginning of a lesson or at the beginning of a meditation to have the Buddha repeat his blessing: the promise to free everyone. If you repeat this mantra, you will revive his blessing in your own heart. Visualize the Buddha right in front of you or on the heads of other people and living things. Sing and say the mantra and imagine that golden light is radiating from the Buddha to the hearts of the beings or your own heart. It is a very powerful and energetic way to give and receive love.


Pronounce as: tajattaa gateh gateh paragateh para-samgateh boo-die soha

The wisdom of the Heart Sutra mantra. Everything is empty of itself. However, Buddhism here pursues a different meaning of emptiness than we will initially think. The Buddhist meaning of emptiness refers to the inability to name that which is true, the infinite potential. A simple example of this is: that strict teacher at school who punishes me every time is a loving father of 2 children at home and an experienced professor who they look up to to his colleagues. There is no description whatsoever that can count as truth of the teacher - so there is emptiness. This mantra can thus be used to 'let go', or to learn to see that everything the ego portrays is an illusion. Everything is impermanent, everything is emptiness.

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