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2 basic forms of meditation

The lotus flower, symbol of meditation
~ Meditation, like yoga, strives for unity. Well-known Eastern forms of meditation are: Transcendental Meditation, Mindfulness, Vipassana, Shamatha and Zen. ~


There are many different traditions and terms that indicate a form of meditation; Transcendental Meditation, Mindfulness, Vipassana, Shamatha, Zen etc. Meditation is often thought to have the purpose of relaxing, but this is only partly true, more rest is mainly a consequence. Meditation is a way of unit to achieve the meaning of Yoga.

Meditation and awareness development

When one speaks of consciousness development then meditation is a 'state of consciousness'. A state of consciousness in this sense transcends the traditions that give us methods of achieving it state of being to come. Over the years, I have often not taught specific traditions, but rather methods to achieve a meditative state of consciousness. A number of characteristics can be distinguished in this;

Creative power

Every person has a certain capacity for imagination, with active meditation we mainly focus on that. Also called being or standing 'in your strength'. Creativity, imagination and vision are usually the result of this active form of meditation.

Silence and tranquility

Known to many who meditate; a receptive state of 'being' in which we try to calm our thoughts. We thereby come into contact with our subconscious mind. This passive form of meditation often shows us how busy our thoughts are before experiencing peace.

2 basic forms of meditation - meditation - Edwin van der Hoeven

Edwin & meditation

My first touch with meditation was through Buddhism in 1993. Soon after, I also started to fill my spiritual hunger with the books of Krishnamurti. For me it was all about one thing: self-realization.

After many years of study, retreats and special mystical experiences, I realize how much I don't know yet. There is no end goal, there is only one path. You walk on it and wonder yourself time and time again!

Your breathing as a compass

Breathing is essential in all forms of meditation. If you are tense or stressed, you breathe faster than when you sleep, for example. Breathing therefore indicates how our state of mind is, but is therefore also a means of steering us to relax. Pranayama yoga is a form of breathing practice. I also base my knowledge and experience on Kriya Yoga and the Ujjayi breathing known in yoga.

Affirmations: a positive attitude

If you have ever traveled to South East Asia, you will probably recognize those beautiful spells or mantras. A mantra is a means to keep your thoughts in check and to focus on the meditation where you often express your respect to a spiritual teacher or master. The same way is the use of affirmations, well known to people who have read The Secret. An affirmation is a positive statement;

  • not: "I would like to be happier"
  • but: “I'm happy"

There are many types of affirmations and I would like to share a very effective one with you simple way to introduce affirmations in your meditation.

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