Be free to listen to the wings of birds in the wind

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Be free to listen to the wings of birds in the wind

Be free to listen to the wings of birds in the wind

Be free to listen to the wings of birds in the wind. Be free to watch the clouds in the sky that dance like a soft embrace to the sun. Give the other person your greeting with a smile and recognition in the heart. Wouldn't the world look cold and chilly without your presence. Every greeting, every smile illuminates the shadow of life. Every act of brotherhood creates unity as it is intended. No more separation, but the embrace of each other in love; in mind or through physical expression. For real love this makes no difference.

What is measurable does not have to be the truth. Open your eyes and look ahead, however, you do not see sideways and from behind. But listen, the ears are a lot more sensitive and hear much more about what is happening around you. If you really want to get the truth, close your eyes and open your ears. Listen to the soft wind, listen to the breath that moves and let your breath sing. We cannot radiate or distribute physical light with each other. But the breath, the sound, we can make and share among each other. Choose the words you speak carefully, what this is your creative power to shape the formless.

Every spoken word is like a thought that becomes reality. Once said, it cannot be reversed. Speaking the right word is a responsibility and only from taking that responsibility is there freedom of expression. Only with full responsibility and surrender can the word of love be spoken. The words of love seeking unity with her listener. The words of the worshiper will someday resound in everyone's ears. It will heal the listener and take away her worries.

Freedom is a song, sing it, hum if you don't know the lyrics yet. But let your joy resound in the words you speak. Joy has a sound, it is a dance that goes on forever. Find her sound and listen to her in your heart. It will be the resonance of freedom that will take your heart to all places in your body. Your body will then become an expression of love, joy and freedom that nobody can take from you. Freedom of mind, freedom in love, freedom to be yourself.

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