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Provide proof through clear-sensory perception

~ A medium sees, feels or hears the spiritual world through clear perception and thus tries to provide proof for life after death. ~


A very important goal of mediumship is to provide evidence regarding the afterlife. The most obvious way is the mental mediumship in which you work with clear perception (perception). 

The medium perceives as being through its own senses. This clear perception can be expressed through clairvoyance, clear hearing, feeling clear and / or smelling clear.

What is proof of life after death?

A medium obtains information from a deceased person and relates it to someone present. It is often someone you know, such as family, friends or good acquaintances. The evidence can be presented during a public demonstration, during spiritualistic church services or private sessions where more details can be discussed. 

We must accept it at the moment not scientific it is proven that there is life after death. However, mediums strive by providing evidence one to give such weight that individual doubts can be removed. By making contact with the spirit world, a medium can provide such information that evidence is provided as such.

Step 1; who is trying to communicate?

The first task of a medium is to determine the identity of the person they are in contact with. They do this by providing sufficient information so that the identity can be established unambiguously and there is no confusion between different people.

Step 2; information about events after death

However, if this information refers to situations of being alive, it does not yet show that they have died and survive in an afterlife. The hereafter is then proven by describing events that happened AFTER the death and therefore could not be physically known to the deceased.

Step 3; information that the recipient does not know

If all the information that is provided is known, the observation could also be based on coordination between the medium and the person for whom the information is intended. A third level of evidence is information that you are not familiar with. Hereby it will be necessary to investigate yourself and thereby prove the existence of the hereafter.

The message

As a conclusion to an observation often follows a message, or reason for the presence of the deceased. In short, this may be that the deceased expresses his love or a more detailed and / or more extensive message. My experience is that the evidence is often already an indication of the reason for communicating.

Imagine; you have financial problems and go to a medium, then the spiritual world is so intelligent, for example, to let someone communicate who can help you and thus kill two birds with one stone

When all the above falls into place, we only have to ask ourselves one more question: What is the most obvious single source where this information could have come from? Mediums insist that it comes from those who have died but still survive and want to make that clear to us.

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Mediumship is a natural aspect of our humanity

So many people are still afraid of death. Mediumship shows us that we can see our body as a vehicle of our soul. That we are not our body, but have a body. A consultation is always possible, but it is even more special if I can help you to get in touch with your loved ones. 

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