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Book a medium consultation

~ Book a personal consultation with medium Edwin van der Hoeven CSNU to remove any doubts as to whether your deceased loved ones are still close to you. You can also discover what your energy has to say and to what extent the spiritual world is willing and able to cooperate with you. ~


Did you know that they also think of us and miss us?

I cannot count the times when it was said during a public demonstration of mediumship that the recipient had 'just happened' to think of the person who was now coming through. Coincidence? No, our deceased loved ones are very close to us and know what is happening in our lives. They are just a thought away from us!

Edwin van der Hoeven
Edwin van der Hoeven

I have been trained as a medium to give your loved ones a voice again. To let you know that they are still there and life does not end with death. Unlike a public demonstration, there is more room for personal contact during a consultation.

What can you expect from a medium consultation?

A medium works for the Spiritual World and it is his or her job to give a voice to the person who wants to communicate. A medium strives for unambiguous and clear evidence. In that regard there are only 2 game rules:

# 1 - come without 'shopping list'

The Spiritual World is intelligent and knows best what needs to be communicated right now. Therefore, do not bring a shopping list; from whom you want to hear something, what appropriate evidence is etc ..

# 2 - don't feed the medium

Janodo not know.. that is actually all you have to say to a medium during a consultation. The medium must provide information in such a way that it becomes clear who is trying to communicate.

There are 3 types of consultation

psychic reading

During a 'psychic reading' your energy is read, from this a medium can learn a lot about how you live your life. What's the point of this? If you are familiar with the law of attraction then you know that you attract what you send out. A reading can therefore help you discover why the same (unpleasant) things keep happening in your life. What signals do you send out to the universe and how can you change that. A psychic reading can help you with that. 

Medical consultation

What you have read on this page is about a medium-sized consultation. In addition, I make contact with the spiritual world and I am open to those who want to come through to communicate. This is not an exact science! You can come with the hope or expectation that a specific person will come through, but no medium can guarantee that. The spiritual world is intelligent and seeks healing and harmony. Therefore allow yourself to be open to the outcome and you will not be disappointed. 

Spiritual assessment

The third most common form of a consultation is the spiritual assessment. This can be a combination of media psychics and psychic with a particular focus on your spiritual and creative potential. What talents are hidden in your consciousness, what spiritual development can you go through and who are your spiritual helpers to assist you with that. 

Mediumship is for everyone

  • Mediumship is not bound to religion!
  • It is not limited by belief or belief.
  • Neither race nor orientation is an obstacle.
Book a medium consultation - medium consultation - Edwin van der Hoeven

Mediumship is an expression of love beyond physical death. Everyone, regardless of what has happened in life, is taken care of when death comes.

Media cannot force someone to come through during a consultation or not. There can be several reasons that someone does not come through, there is no specific time for how long it takes before someone can come through.

A medium is someone who listens and thus forms a bridge between physical and fine-material life.

Mediumship is an aspect of being human to which too little attention is paid

So many people are still afraid of death. Mediumship shows us that we can see our body as a vehicle of our soul. That we are not our body, but have a body. A consultation is always possible, but it is even more special if I can help you to get in touch with your loved ones. 

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