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~ That we learn in a way that allows us to understand life better, experience it more refined and discover the true beauty of life and all that lives. ~


In our lives we learn a lot, some things are practical, others are good to know. From childhood we receive education and learn things that serve a purpose. Little is said about the usefulness of learning to make your world bigger. Learn to read so that you can read books. Learn to write so that you can shape your own thoughts. Learn to draw to be able to convert your feelings into creative form.
A by-product is a broader appreciation for the expressions of our fellow people, for life. A by-product? This is not really about that. That we learn in a way that allows us to understand life better, experience refinement and discover the real beauty of life and everything that lives.

Mediumship is a 'way of life'

Mediumship is often viewed as a learning trajectory; a course here or there and at a certain moment ' ' you it. But how many hours a week do you think you are a medium in this way? Mediumship as a profession or as a 'way of life'. This is why consciousness development is so important, even necessary in my view. Mediumship is not an end in itself, but a means. Not the final destination, but a form or part of the transport. Everyday life offers a continuous opportunity to express our spirituality. Being able to use our sensitivity to make contact with the spiritual world, or to give room for someone's sorrow.


Who we are as human beings then becomes an expression of our mediumship, not because we have learned a trick but because we have trained our humanity. Because we become more aware of our own strength and vulnerability so that we are more aware of the whole world that we are part of. Perfect in recognizing our imperfection. That is why I look at consciousness as the basis for my training so that mediumship becomes a language with which we can express our lives. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Mediumship is an aspect of being human to which too little attention is paid

So many people are still afraid of death. Mediumship shows us that we can see our body as a vehicle of our soul. That we are not our body, but have a body. A consultation is always possible, but it is even more special if I can help you to get in touch with your loved ones. 

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