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A natural aspect of our consciousness

Mediums are ordinary people who through training have developed their natural ability for clear sensory perception in such a way that they can communicate with people who have died (English: spirits).

There are roughly three types of mediumship; mental, physical and healing mediumship.

Mental mediumship

Our loved ones and friends in the Spiritual World use the best way to help us understand the truth that there is an afterlife. It is often the Spiritual World that tries to approach our materialistic world with the loving message that there is more between heaven and earth.

Mental mediumship is the most common and can be divided into two qualities; active en passive.

Active mental mediumship

below active mental mediumship the capacity of a medium collapses clear sensory perception;

  • feel> clair-sentience
  • see> clair-voyance
  • hear> clair-audience
  • tasting> chiaroscuro
  • smell> clair-alience
  • to know> clair-cognizance

A medium receives these observations both objectively and subjectively.

Passive mental mediumship

In the passive state, the medium will allow the Spirit World to work through the medium through some degree of "control." Any form of mediumship is related to an altered state of consciousness. As the name implies, the medium at 'passive mental mediumship'less aware of what is happening. It is often talked about Trance but this is a misconception; trance is also a passive form of mental mediumship, but there are many degrees. Passive mental mediumship can express itself in:

  • inspired writing & automatic writing
  • different forms of art
  • direct communication with the Spiritual World
  • healing

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Physical mediumship

The rare physical mediumship requires years of patience and development. The special thing is the direct form of mediumship because everyone present will experience the same phenomena. The deceased will be able to speak or even materialize with their own voice so that you can see and sometimes touch the appearance. Objects can be lifted and moved without visible support to achieve this.

Over the years there have been many fantastic physical mediums that certainly played a big role during the Second World War. Unfortunately, there are of course also situations where the phenomena are not authentic and there is fraud. It is therefore always very important to remain critical in addition to an 'open mind'. If you want to know more, you should definitely delve further into the following mediums:

  • Alec Harris
  • Helen Duncan
  • Eusapia Paladino
  • Margery Crandon
  • David Thompson

Healing mediumship (spiritual healing)

A special form of mediumship is the healing of the sick through direct laying on of hands (or from a distance), through the power of prayer. Many people have already been treated successfully. A healer will not be able to guarantee results, but usually it will relieve pain and sadness, provide insight and possibly also cure illnesses. Spiritual healing is not based on patient trust. It is an interaction from healer to patient where children or animals can also be helped.

Healing mediumship can also take physical forms where the results can be objectively observed or verified.

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