The creation of the heart

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The creation of the heart

The creation of the heart

Don't walk around aimlessly but strive to make your dreams come true. Don't wait for the other. Because you can keep waiting until you weigh one of us or you are unable to keep up with the other. Look at what you can achieve from your passion. An important law is that of creation. The creative power that you have received must be used. Think not only of the materialistic power of creation, but also of the spiritual. Good deeds, good intentions and expressing yourself through the right words. This is also the Buddha's teaching, it is a creative force that he propagates.

You did not come to earth simply to be. Being on its own must be a creation of love, of the ability to express God. Therefore look around you at the stars, at the universe. This too is a creation of God who could not have been without the word. Our thoughts are our reality. He who sits still with bad thoughts still creates the circumstances that make him suffer. But he who acts according to love creates love around him.

A smile or showing respect can already create a piece of heaven on earth. And this is precisely the dream of God. He doesn't want us to slaughter each other to claim what only he could have done. The earth is for sharing and everything that the earth produces is God's gift to us, to all of us. The distinction that man makes is his own shortcoming. It indicates how immature humanity is. Driving politics is based on fear, oppression that divides people, not united. Do not punish those who do wrong, but forgive them for not knowing better.

A child who learns to walk and falls comfort you, why don't you comfort your neighbor in the knowledge that he is learning. Offering comfort is also a creative power of God. It is a creation of the heart. Don't be tempted to hit back the one you hit, show him your heart, because only through an example of how things can be done will he learn. Do not feed fear with fear, but transform fear with love and peace.

You can only join hands with empty hands. Embrace your brother and sister, don't leave them alone. But also give them the freedom to reject your love. They must find God's love, therein lies the true deliverance from the heart.

- written on January 16, 2014



It sounds like the poison of society; loneliness, being alone. We quickly think of older people who lost the love of their lives

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