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It sounds like the poison of society; loneliness, being alone. We soon think of older people who have lost the love of their lives and are only waiting for the redemption of death so that they may be reunited. Loneliness; a specter for many. But loneliness does not only have to be physical in nature, and not just something that older people have to deal with. Loneliness is characterized by versatility and affects everyone.

In addition to the physical experience, one can also be mentally lonely or emotionally. When you go among people, with your family, friends or your partner. Lonely because you do not experience that you connect with those who are so close. Mentally, because your ideas and thoughts are not heard by those whom you want so much that they hear you. That they take you seriously or at least offer you the space to share that part of yourself. You can feel so alone in it that it seems worse than physical loneliness.

Woman touches glass and looks outsideDeeper in the feeling experience you also come across a spiritual loneliness. Does life make sense, what does it make sense if everything seems so bare and stripped? What drives you to move on, to want to live on. Certainly in the development as a medium, where you may experience that communication can take place with a dimension that seems hidden to many, loneliness can touch deeply.

Based on this, I want to look at the real beauty of loneliness. Loneliness not as something that hurts, or which we 'have to find' pathetic, but as a force and victory. When we no longer seek peace, peace and love outside ourselves, but with ourselves. When we no longer have to mirror our mental experience to the other and do not ask approval for what we experience. When our deep emotional layers are healed so that we can look at it as part of who we are. That it has contributed to our growth. That we don't need a God or spiritual world to find meaning for life.

Loneliness then slowly but surely becomes our friend. It provides us with our most intimate relationship with ourselves. We realize that we are already one. Living together then becomes a whole new experience where everyone can be one. As I write this now it touches me deeply to realize this. I just went for a walk, I was angry, I felt lonely and abandoned. And slowly but surely this sense of understanding flowed into my heart from my conscious being. Loneliness, as a key to ourselves because we are already one.

Photo; Nathan McBride on Unsplash

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I am not a God, I am not a leader. Nor am I a teacher or guru. Just let me walk forward to get the stones from it

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