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Photo; Debby Ledet on Unsplash
~ Love is an expression of the power called God. Every moment of pain, love gives more strength to feel it. Love is the light that awaits you. ~


The world is not against you, there is no resistance. It is your own mind that indicates the resistance with which you fight against yourself. You close your eyes for the beauty that is hidden in you. What you really feel is the light that is trying to break out. That creates cracks in how you think and how you look at situations. Each crack gives more power to the light to break through the illusions. This is the pain that you feel time and time again. No movement from outside to inside, but from inside to outside.

The creative power of love

Every stroke of pain is concluded with rest, you have noticed that. When you surrender to the power of God, to the loving embrace of eternal, unconditional love. When you break again and see what really matters. Every person will eventually become a servant of the word of love, of the word of the creator. So that the creative power can really come into its own. Love is an expression of the power that is called God. Not a person, but an expression is what lies behind it. An expression of pure consciousness that speaks in sounds of love and acceptance.

Life is wonderful

Dear child, when are you going to accept yourself as you are, because you are already perfect. Your heart is like the purest water, it is only the tears of your thoughts that taste salty. The bitter illusion that is broken and remains torn to pieces. Get rid of the dust and walk on, don't walk but dance. Don't talk but sing. Don't look but admire. Life is a wonderful thing, but it is only a faint reflection of eternal life that awaits you in heaven. "When you enter my house and take my outstretched hand."

You will never be left

But you don't have to wait, because I'm already reaching out to you. You just have to take my hand and I will be there for you. My love knows no boundaries, my love has no material limitations. I am present in everything, my representation is comprehensive. He who wants to see will see. He who wants to hear will hear. But he who turns his back on me will not see or hear that I am casting my forgiveness on him. I will always be there for you my dear child. I've never been away. Let your tears go. It will be the last because joy lies ahead. I love you forever, forever.

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