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~ Trust expresses itself in a never-ending joy that everything is good as it may be. All you can do now is be aware of life. ~


True religion is about trust, daring to let go, and going with the flow of being. De wish to get closer to a God, closer to a reality of purity and love, is what will eventually stop you from achieving it. A wish, a desire, is the door that just doesn't seem to open. Even on the spiritual path, it will be the wish that will keep the door to real realization closed. Awakening is trust, awakening is simply being aware.

Release everything in confidence

It is the greatest challenge you will face in life. First the desire to come closer to God, then to let go of this desire. It will no longer serve you when you arrive at the door of his house. The greatest void will open up to you and it will only ask you one thing; trust. Can you really trust, you really dare to let go of everything in the confidence that you will be received.

Trust is now

When you jump off a mountain, you know you will eventually hit the bottom. It will injure or even kill you. But this last step of confidence has no end. And yet God asks you to take this last step. To be trusted, to be fully trusted. No longer carried away by the thoughts for tomorrow or the memories of yesterday. Trust is now. The only moment is really now, if you trust now, you will not want anything anymore. No longer dependent on what was yesterday or desirable tomorrow.

Trust opens the door to eternity

Confidence is expressed in a never-ending joy that everything is good as it should be. All you can do now is to be aware of life. Dare to drown yourself in the flow of being. Dare to let yourself dissolve in the wind from all directions. Trust in being in the now, it opens the door to eternity.

A meditation on trust


A meditation to cultivate 'trust'

How do you meditate?

Basically you meditate by focusing your eyes on a fixed point or closing them. Sit upright on a chair or cross-legged. Then bring your attention to the breath and follow the inhalation and exhalation.

Don't mind your thoughts

Thoughts come and go, the 'problem' is usually that we pay attention to our thoughts. Meditation teaches you to leave your thoughts for what they are; thoughts. Thoughts are not reality, the reality now is that you are paying attention to your breathing. Let your thoughts pass like the clouds in the sky.

Have faith

As you can read, trust is not something tangible. Trust is a quality! So focus in this meditation on having no expectations;
- this meditation will get you nowhere
- you do this meditation neither right nor wrong
- you don't have to perceive or experience anything

Just observe

Trust is like the center of a tornado. It almost seems as if you come to a complete stop while all your thoughts, emotions, desires and expectations race around you. Just observe it and acknowledge yourself as an observer.

Conclude the meditation with acknowledgment

When you decide to stop, the meditation recognizes what it was. Having confidence means that a meditation can go in any direction. Did it not meet your expectations? Top, you had to let go of that. Didn't it feel nice? Should it feel nice then. With confidence you learn to accept all outcomes and not to judge them. Recognize the meditation and be thankful.

Meditation and the development of your consciousness something for you?

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