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Buddhist mantras
~ The more free you feel to express your own 'being', the easier it will be to find your own tone while chanting mantras. ~


I have already written about the effect chanting mantras can have on the pitch of our voice. The special thing about chanting is finding your own unique tone. It is important to chant as low as possible from our body, not from the throat, but from the lower abdomen. It can very well happen that you run into blockages where it seems as if your voice is blocked. If you sing from your throat you can place a lot of expression in the voice by, for example, singing falsetto.

A blockage in the throat can indicate that you are not able to express yourself properly. It is our place throat chakra where we express our feelings. We come to us lower in our body heart chakra, this too can be a place of blockages. Try to sink even further into your body to the point of your navel, to the solar plexus. We strive to chant from this point.

Sing, pronounce or chant from mattress

When you start chanting, it may feel strange and uncomfortable at first. This often has to do with conditioning. In the past I never dared to sing, I even found talking scary because I was always very insecure and this was expressed in my voice. You can therefore come across these kinds of blockages to a greater or lesser extent in the search for your own unique tone. The more free you feel to express your own 'being', the easier it will be to find your own tone while chanting.

Chanting in your own tone does not mean that you cannot or should not sing at different pitches, it has more to do with relaxation. When you are more relaxed, the tone will resonate deeper into your body, producing the healing effects associated with chanting mantras.

Holistic healing

When I talk about healing or healing effects it doesn't have to be physical. The effect has a holistic nature which means that there is more balance on a physical, mental, emotional and / or spiritual level. Science also now has sufficient evidence that matter follows thought; without an observer nothing exists. This is groundbreaking evidence for what has long been known in the mystical world. When our thoughts are in balance, we feel better and our body will respond to it.

The right rhythm

In addition to finding your own tone, it is also important to find the right rhythm. Breathing is an important instrument for this. All mantras can usually be chanted with one breath. If this does not work, it may be due to a physical condition or stress. If you are short of breath or stressed, you can always only use the OM when chanting mantras. Keep it simple.

Take a deep breath and while exhaling just chant OM where the Oooo sounds as long as you have breath and close your mouth with the M. You will notice if you find your peace in this that you can keep the O longer.

Harmony between rhythm, tone and meaning

The advantage of more elaborate mantras is the rhythm in the words and sounds. Its recitative aspect causes the brain to enter a calmer state of consciousness. See also the information about Brainwave Entrainment. By continuously repeating a mantra, a rhythm is created that, as it were, brings you into ecstasy and tranquility. Herein also lies the secret of the power of mantras. On the one hand, they ensure energetically that your energy channels are released in your body. On the other hand, the repetitive nature ensures that your brainwaves become calmer so that you reach a deeper mystical experience in your meditation.

Pay attention; chanting mantras is a way of focusing and giving the mind something to do. Ultimately you also let go of this and find peace and quiet in peace of mind.

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