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Photo by Anastasia Dulgier on Unsplash
~ Your zodiac sign says something about the influence of energies when you came into the world. Your zodiac sign serves as a starting point! In this blog I want to explain how these stars can have an effect on you as a human being. ~


Recently a good friend asked me what really is so important about the position of the stars, and in particular the visible lunar and solar eclipse and what it does with our energy. I regularly read various sites that tell stories about the effects of the positions of the stars. The best known for all of us is of course your own zodiac sign. What does this zodiac sign actually say? It actually does not determine what the rest of your life looks like, but rather under what influence of energies you came into the world. Your zodiac sign serves as a starting point! In this blog I want to explain how these stars can have an effect on you as a person.

The universe is a magnetic energy field

The earth is a very small but beautiful sphere in our universe. However, it is not a stupid piece of stone .. the earth is alive .. has its own magnetic field like many planets and stars in our universe. As you know if you have ever played with magnets, magnets - depending on the charge - have a repulsive force or an attractive force with respect to each other. Take a universe with millions of these charged planets that repel and attract, repel and attract each other ... Planets do not just move but are under a continuous field of tension so that they repel each other and are attracted again with sufficient distance ... or are repelled by a other power.

The impact of energy on each other

Now there are also energetically charged people on this planet. Energy responds to energy and so - depending on the influence of those other sometimes immense planets - those small energetic people are also under a certain tension. Now this voltage is not +1 or 0 or -1 .. but rather a following combination: 0 +1 -1 -1 0 0 +1 0 +1 +1 -1 0 0 0 -1 -1 +1 (and this will continue for a while) .. this interpretation is given by the position of the planets in relation to each other and some, because they are so close, have a greater influence than the other. Suppose you are on a sports field and someone is standing next to you and starts screaming. Then the effect is clearly audible. If the same person is 100 meters away, you will hear him less, even if he is not shouting less loudly. Suppose there are 10 people in different places and at various distances from you and they start screaming, one slightly louder than the other, then it quickly becomes a cacophony of sound. Some say nice things about you that make you happy, others scold you. All in all, it has a necessary impact on you.

The search for energetic balance in our magnetic field

So also with the stars and in particular the sun and moon. The special thing about the moon is that it is so close and its visibility derives from the light of the sun. If it is full moon, this means that the sun is able to fully illuminate the moon and the relationship between sun, moon and earth is different when it is a new moon. In this way we are constantly exposed to a changing position between sun, moon and earth and the energetic effect thereof. What is special about an eclipse? Especially the position of the sun, moon and earth in relation to each other and the energetic influence that results from this. Because if, for example, there is suddenly a solar eclipse, what does that actually mean? In the energetic balance that is continuously created by sun, moon and earth, the influence of the sun is briefly reduced. As if you are standing under the hot shower in the winter and someone suddenly turns off the tap and turns it on again after 30 seconds. First you cool down enormously and when the tap switches on again you get a cold load over you before the warm water flows over your body again. So do the planets and eclipses affect us as humans? I believe so!

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