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Bitcoin and the spirituality of trading

Bitcoin, king of value
~ Spirituality and money matters sometimes seem to be at odds with each other. In this first video I explain that you can indeed learn a lot about yourself when you trade in stocks or cryptos. It teaches you about patience, focus, fear, strategy and many more qualities that can be of great use to you in life. ~


A very good morning, I am here again in a beautiful place in the Dutch landscape. A short movie; I am very much toying with the idea of ​​telling more about digital currencies, cryptos, bitcoin in particular and ethereum. Because a lot of people actually know very little about it and just like in 2008 - a major crisis - we are now again in a time that is scary for many people.

Buy-back policy of the banks

Especially the banks in America that are like crazy printing dollars as if it is nothing. And we see that kind of movement in Europe too; the banks buy up debts and the taxpayer can pay for it again. Those are not good signs. That again indicates a recession and how do we deal with that? And the nice and special thing about trading in general, but in particular in crypto currencies, is that you also learn a lot about yourself. How do you deal with fear? How do you go about creating a strategy for yourself to save some money?

In addition, I firmly believe that Bitcoin will become the new gold. For that it must of course be accepted by the masses, but if you only look at its fundamentals;

  • what is Bitcoin?
  • why is it such a good invention?

You will automatically understand why it can be a solution to the problems we are now facing. You can already see it in Venezuela. Incredible hyper-inflation and people diving into the crypto currencies; the Dash, the Bitcoin, to secure their assets / their money and it works.

So it is twofold that I want to make these videos:

  1. tell more about what Bitcoin is to make it more known to the people
    • how did you get it?
    • how can you use it?

Even if you put in only 1% of your money, you can reap the benefits in a few years. An informed person counts for two!

What is a Recession?

Recession literally means “decline" or "decline”. In an economic recession, this means that there will be a decline in economic growth measured in Gross Domestic Product for six months.

What is the Gross Domestic Product?

This is the value of all goods and services produced in a country in a specific period. So when this GDP shows negative growth for two consecutive quarters, we speak of a recession. 

Is personal guidance something for you?

Life sometimes presents you with enormous challenges; at work, in your relationship, family or your own personal 'purpose'. Share your details and I will contact you asap to see how I can help you. 

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