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Generosity must flow in times of crisis

Water must flow
~ Money is like water and must flow freely. Man is only an intermediate station in this continuous barter trade. Therefore, cultivate generosity so that you can let nature do its work. ~


The flow of being

Or more obvious; money must flow in times of crisis. Not the first thought that comes to mind in times of collapsing banks and recessions. But many an economist will agree. Sure, it is investors who determine market sentiment, but the real recession is usually driven by the massive consumer response. If consumer confidence decreases, we will all feel it in the market forces. Because less expenditure means less income for the entrepreneurs, which puts pressure on turnover. Losses lead to layoffs and before you know it you are in a downward spiral or at least the growth is over.

Disrupting natural movement and growth

This effect has everything to do with how generous man is and his materialistic attitude. Money is like water and must flow freely. Man is only an intermediate station in this continuous barter. You can compare it with building a dam. It is of course nice that energy is generated with it, but at the same time you also disturb the natural rhythm of the river. Sometimes more water flows than usual and one river is not the other. Similarly for humans. If things go a little less, we are equally inclined to build dams. When a recession is on the rise, you see people hoarding their money. We build a dam and stop the money from flowing. In fact, we disturb the natural 'growth' ourselves.

Dividing is multiplying

What to do now? The problem, of course, remains with the masses. Yet you can work on your own fear by being and / or remaining generous. The sooner we all do 'normal' again, the sooner the natural balance will return to a healthy state. But generosity has a much greater effect. Because it has the power to work on your immediate environment. Being ready for each other, helping each other. Especially in those times when we should seem to settle for less. Dividing is multiplying! Take down that dam, don't sit on your money but share it where you can. For example, get the potatoes from the local supermarket or greengrocer. You pay a little more, but you also know with whom you can see a grateful smile.

Written on 9 November 2008

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