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~ Many people are fearful of death and therefore often fearful of life itself. They let life pass, blind, in the hope that some miracle will happen. That everything gets better. But how? They fail to see that they themselves are the creators of their lives. ~


What someone else thinks or does does not matter

Many people are afraid of death and therefore often afraid of life itself. They let life go by, blind, hoping that a miracle will happen one day. That everything gets better. But how? They do not see that they themselves are the designers of their lives. That they themselves have all the possibilities to create a life that makes them happy.

Many people weigh their lives against that of their parents, their loved ones and their community. They usually do not want a change. They prefer to keep everything as they are, rather than make changes and thus introduce more love, happiness and joy into their lives. Life can feel good! It may have an abundance of joy. Why settle for less than joy.

Life revolves around you

Is it not strange that we make ourselves the victim of our own illusions? Start by disagreeing. Get away from the ideas of the other and start looking at yourself. What do you want to achieve in life? What do you want to experience, because life revolves around you. How do you think you can serve the other person if you cannot do this from your own core. Acting from within yourself and experiencing happiness without it being at the expense of who you are.

Do you ever think about why you live? - stand still why you live - Edwin van der Hoeven

Don't live the life of another

Why give your last penny if you yourself need help? Sharing is different from giving everything away. All matter is finite. Therefore share in your help, in your attention, in your love and in your company. Be together so that being alone is no longer fear, but a prayer to speak to yourself. Be in unity with who you really are. No distance but just rapprochement. Life is to live, to experience; not to revive what the other person is wearing.

Be grateful

Leave all the old with the old and create the new with dedication. Dare to be different, dare to change. Don't look at the other person, but live your life. Don't let the other see your path, but just show that the other can also follow his own unique path. So that at the end of your life, you can say that you have lived. Not because of the known, but because of everything that you didn't know but came to know. Through experience, experience and gratitude.

Written on 13 November 2013

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